The Incorruptible Body of Saint Agatha of Sicily Barbarically and Cruelly Vandalized!

The Church containing the incorrupt body of St Agatha of Sicily was vandalized, with the body being assaulted and the tabernacle being broken into and the hosts stolen, as well as religious art and depictions of the Blessed Mother being destroyed.

A Papal Mission Heresy for the Apocalypse

In 1967, newly-retired Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Villot received a congratulatory letter from the Masonic Parisian Lodge. The letter commended him for subjugating the traditional papal role of ruling on faith and morals, to following Masonic one-world religion policies. Marxist Liberation Theology’s “Pope” Francis is morphing all world religions and New Age sects into […]

One-World Religion Exposed!

What is “Pope” Francis up to? The 1924 Masonic Dictionary (Chicago) reveals, “Every Lodge is a miniature Temple. Every Lodge member is a Temple worker.” “Pope” Francis goes one step further in the spirit of Antichrist – He morphs the globe into a Masonic Lodge of which the Temple is a miniature symbol (of Antichrist […]

The Fall of the American and Roman Empires

We’ve heard the comparison many times. But historian Thomas Cahill gives us unparalleled insights, as we look at his gems on the study of ancient Rome’s final days. After 12 centuries, Alaric sacked Rome in 410. The death of the last Roman emperor was in 476. Alaric’s men swept through Rome, taking all gold, all […]

COVID Vaccination Update

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