In the official and highly proprietary and secretive 32nd Degree Readings in Freemasonry, it is explicitly stated the 32nd Degree secret is allowable pedophilia. No one knew this better than the notorious Jeffrey Epstein. The victimization of this “allowable pedophilia” indeed has a broad and heinous scope. Very tragic, indeed. It has taken its toll […]

Gospel of Luke Perspective

In the American gun debate, there is an argument frequently used in attempts to nullify the relevance of the second amendment that usually sound something like this: “The founding fathers were talking about muzzle-loading sidearms and artillery, and had not foreseen the scope and impact of modern weaponry.” This argument contains two understated, side-lined assumptions:1. That […]

Rapture Poem!

The Lord has been giving me Rapture poems lately! IMPORTANT! As with Noah and Lot, the true church is not appointed to Divine wrath! For more on this see PROPHECY WATCHERS with Dr. Gary Stearman. Here’s one I felt compelled to “jump out of bed” and write at 5:30 a.m. today. It was unintentionally finished […]

The “Pope” to Relocate to Israel…

While “Marine Le Pen Issues Red Alert and Warns France of Muslim Invasion,” the current anti-pope Marxist Liberation-Theology Francis appears to welcome the invasion! No Normans needed to repel these invaders! The imminent rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Europe, especially Italy, works into Satan’s antichrist scheme of things quite well. Because in the overall geo-political […]

The First Day

A Timely Christian Apologetic to the Divisive and Heretical Final Day by Rick Wiles of TruNews The First Day A Timely Christian Apologetic to the Divisive and Heretical Final Day by Rick Wiles In these prophesied perilous times, when Church Remnant Power is found in a non-ecumenical unity of all true Christians, the spirit of […]

Interpreting Spiritual Reasons for Coronara Virus

By Stephen Volk Considering the fact that nothing on earth escapes God’s sovereignty, is it tenable to view the fast-emerging Coronara Virus pandemic – which insiders are quietly revealing as pneumonic or bubonic plague – as sanctioned by God?  Is it Divine justice kicking in – complete with historical precedent? Let us start from the […]

The Liberation Theology Takeover of “Pope” Francis

A Liberation Theology Takeover of the John Paul II Institute By Stephen Volk A Liberation Theology revolution has suddenly occurred in the John Paul II Institute in Rome. It is an actual Marxist Liberation Theology revolution! In Revolution in the Revolution? by Regis Debray, we see necessary for such a revolution is “To free the […]