Bible Number 77

Number 77 in the Bible – Meaning

if you are seeing the number 77 then you’ll be glad to know it’s a message of positivity and encouragement. To clarify, the 77 number carries a special meaning!

The message basically says that your purpose in this world is about to become of utmost importance. In addition, the changes needed for this are coming soon and you need to get ready for this new and exciting time.

The meaning of a number can be thought of as the basic vibration as the fundamental of the number.

Number 77 is an indication that you are in direct alignment with your soul’s higher purpose in this life. The strength and energy of 7 is amplified. Means faith, wisdom, strength and independence.

Whenever this powerful number shows up in your experience, you can be sure that you are receiving spiritual guidance directly. It means your positive efforts and actions have manifested in success and rewards.

Take every opportunity to quiet your mind through meditation or prayer so you can get in touch with the wisdom that resides within you already. You’re being praised for your positive life attitude, for being on the right path and for being a psitive role model for other people..

As a general view, the numerology of the number 77 represents a shared energy that contains the ideas of:

Imagine having the personal freedom to pursue any whim and experience anything that interests you.

“7” is the perfection number, usually with a spiritual emphasis. In Hebrew, the word “7” is “cheval”. Come from the root «Sabah», I will satisfy you, you will have enough.

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Seventy and seven, or 77, a combination found in the words of Lamech (Genesis 4:24); the number of the princes and elders of Succoth (Judges 8:14); and the number of lambs in a memorable sacrifice (Ezra 8:35), would appeal in the same way to the oriental fancy.

The product of seven and seventy (Greek hebdomekontakis hepta) is met with once in the New Testament (Matthew 18:22), and in the Septuagint of the above-quoted Genesis 4:24. Moulton, however (Grammar of Greek New Testament Prolegomena, 98), renders in both passages 70 plus 7; contra, Allen, “Mt,” ICC, 199. The number is clearly a forceful equivalent of “always.”

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