What are the greatest temptations for pastors today? To live in demoralization instead of a Powerful Holy Spirit Presence? To acquiesce to Marxist political correctness in order to “keep the peace?” To endlessly but politely slander and smear someone who a pastor fears may cause disunity? To deny the spiritual gifts in a Sunday service under the assumption new converts and new members may reject them?

What are the greatest temptations for pastors today? Most surely, they are very real temptations which don’t appear as temptations at all! Satan is too clever to make this appear as overt and frontal-assault temptations! Rather, they are battle logistics from hell, where a pastor finds it comfortable and convenient to exercise logic (which ultimately succeeds in minimizing and diminishing, if not eradicating, a Powerful Holy Spirit Presence from Sunday services).

But as we learn in Logic 101, “Logic is not truth.” Yes, logic of the natural man has occasion to be very, very good! At these times, it is a gift to mankind clearly manifested for good. But due to man’s fallen nature – “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” – logic can also be tainted and skewed and even well meaning, but still remain false and Deceitful and even dangerous. It can contradicts the very heart of the Divine Plan for a Sunday service!

It is especially important to point this out now, as there are abundant indications there will be one Great Holy Spirit Revival, before the age of the gentiles comes to an end. At that point, the task of evangelization will be turned over to the prophesied 144,000 Jewish evangelists! The final prophetic week in Daniel will be turned over to them. Until this soon-coming event happens, however, Satan and even recently unleashed demons are working, in every way, to thwart the Powerful Holy Spirit Presence intended for worldwide Revival!

So as a Pastor – and/or as one called from their “ammunition in storage” status, to be pro-active in this Revival – one must practice the Presence of God, especially when barraged with the cloud of demoralization. Or when tempted to give in to Marxist political correctness, to rather bind that spirit in Jesus’ Name and instead practice the Presence of God. And when tempted to smear someone for the sake of “church unity,” rather practice the Presence of God.

Right now, the Holy Spirit is being fought to the hilt, prevented and buffeted by demonic princes and principalities, from moving overtly forward in God’s Divine and highly-overt pre-Tribulation Spiritual Renewal! Pastors! Get ready for this by casting all your “possibilities of blindness” onto the Altar and beg God to Renew your mind for His Work! You’ll be glad you did!!!

Remember, compromises with liberalism and Chrislam and greed will only get you into trouble! Do not compromise your true Freedom for Security (which is at the very heart of the heinous and criminal spirit of the age). Churches become so liberal until they always fall apart and close their doors! But for you, there is no longer to be “liberty in licentiousness” but “Liberty and Freedom in the Holy Spirit!” Do not undertake “natural man” logic to rid you of your personal fears! Rebuke it! Climb Higher!

Climb Higher! It is For Your Preparation and Perfection as the Bride of Christ!

Published by ChurchRemnantPower

Pope Benedict XVI gave a Papal Blessing to my writings in November 2008. As a Catholic Press Association member of 500 worldwide, I am the author of numerous books and articles, including a several-book series for a Catholic college of the arts. My great uncle, Cardinal Volk of Hamburg, cast the deciding conclave vote for Pope John Paul I. As a positive conservative activist of the 1960s, an activism which recently surfaced in my retirement, I was on the ground floor of Ralph Martin's Catholic Charismatic Movement. A former research correspondent of Malachi Martin, I was invited to his New York residence in the early 1990s, to soon receive a handwritten note from him in a hospital recovery room telling of a recent heart attack. Over the decades, I've gained much firsthand experience with separated-brethren Protestants, Pentecostals and Messianic Jews - especially those who, though fragmented, all refuse the Masonic-crafted syncretistic world religious body needed for draconian world government.

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  1. Excellent couldn’t agree more. As it says in Revelation, the church of Laodicea to overcome must purchase oil for their lamps and eyesalve so they may see. And is it very clear in those verses, They are blind, naked meaning without the garment of holiness in their lives.

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