50th Anniversary of Creative Writing

What a tremendous joy to have a writing career, spanning half a century, in the USA, Canada, Europe and Israel! Books, magazine articles, poetry, musical lyrics, much more. Our Creator generously gives us our talents, helps us develop them and even rewards us for using them!

In West Berlin, for Dr. Volkhard Spitzer’s national Christian German magazine, Impuls, it was a real joy to present to Germany my views on Christian Creativity! In the years to follow, I built upon these creative basics for additional media, including a 5-textbook college series for a Canadian Christian arts college, each book with a Foreword by the president of the college.

But the following is where it all started. My original English for this was recorded and made available at my speaking engagements in the USA and Canada.

The Diamond of Keturah

The Book of Jasher is mentioned in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18. Sarah and Keturah are wonderfully elaborated on in the Book of Jasher….

The following book was created by Stephen Volk with Herman Neuman. Mr. Newman, in international Diamond sales with an office in the World Trade Towers, spoke English as a second language. While residing with his wife, Lydia, in Israel, Herman would text Stephen 2 sentences to a paragraph at a time (via email) for what they jokingly called the “World’s First Text Book.” Ultimately, after 2 years Stephen Volk put it all together for Mr. Newman. The happy result is Now Available!

Mother’s Day Message!

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Three exciting Mother’s Day Messages were presented at Portal of Glory in Edmonton AB Canada! The above photo displays the first of three speakers, the flamboyant and habitually scholarly Pastor Wendy Varga! Followed by Guest Speaker Valerie Volk and Senior Pastor Rosemary Sabo! All three may be viewed on the “Celebrations” Channel at Brighteon.com

Mystery Feast: The Meal of Release

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Fatal or Fragile

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Sacred Secret: Take Eat: This is My Body…

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