Will The Real Infallible Pope Please Stand Up?

“World’s worst elements of disorder” is accurate…
The “World’s worst elements of disorder” are severely increasing hunger – not eliminating it – by locking down 19 meat packing plants in America, sending halal meats from North America to Europe, as Bill Gates and George Soros buy up N. American farms and ranches and force synthetic foods on the populace… Biden’s carbon-capture pipelines also impose the confiscation of farms and ranches...
North American grocery store shelves at the time of this writing. Courtesy of the “World’s worst elements of disorder” increasing hunger…

The Theater of Forgiveness

The Bride of Christ will receive Encores and Admirations on this stage!

The Theater of Forgiveness

In these epoch times of COVID and COVID-variant madness, never has the world seen so many levels of division and unforgiveness. It’s phenomenal.

It’s a call for everyone to be Christ like in ways not usually demanded. Theaters of Forgiveness are now being built in every home, neighborhood, church, organization, village, town, city, county, province, state, region, island and nation around the globe!

Some of these theaters will never experience a single person. Others will see a trickle, here and there. But many will see theater goers with a genuine need to forgive – who will do their best to Forgive. This category is known as the Bride of Christ.

Clearly, painstakingly, millions – maybe billions – on both sides of the pro and anti-vaccine controversy, believe they neither need to be forgiven or be called upon to forgive. How does one handle this? C.S. Lewis emphasized one needs to keep on forgiving, not just once but many times.

Indeed, the world’s most widespread Divide-and-Conquer scam quietly rages, unabated and intensifying. To be in the image of Christ and be forgiving, for the majority (on either side of the debate) seems elusive, impossible and unattainable. What a challenge!

Strongly believing both are right, all go to bed with righteous, though often suppressed, anger and justifications. But this does not change the fact of Matthew 6:15: “But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

Mothers are not allowed to family Christmas dinner, unless they take the deadly jab. Pastors want the unvaccinated shed on and will not listen to reason – insisting all be in “unity” in the same service – while disagreeing with these uninformed pastors is to be “divisive.”

Hundreds of millions, globally, believe the lying MSM Fake News as truthful narrative. Organizations lose key employees. Pastors follow the uninformed dictates of their organizational “church coverings” – who are actually as dangerously ignorant as many pastors.

What to do? I believe a Supreme Test in being Christ-like (while prepared as the Bride of Christ) is in truly imitating and echoing His Words, Father Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do.

Definition: Don’t be angry at someone for doing something bad if they are ignorant and don’t know what they are doing is wrong, or if they don’t know a better way to do something. This expression comes from Luke 23:34. It is for Today.

Here’s the worldwide irony. Both sides of the controversy will think the other are ignorant. This applies to the one side, who has given their hearts to the COVID religion which cannot be violated – and to uninformed church coverings which cannot be violated. Of course, the lying MSM Fake News assures them daily that they are right.

In their delusion and ongoing deception, nevertheless, if they want to remain practising Christians – who want their own sins forgiven by forgiving others – then they still must believe in their hearts, “Father Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do.”

And this is true of the other side – for those who know the truth the Holy Spirit has shown them about deadly vaccinations, shedding from the vaccinated, misguided organizations and pastors – they also must nevertheless believe in their hearts, “Father Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do.”

Under the present spiritually-engineered and socially-engineered Divide-and-Conquer circumstances, this is the titanium thread which, for now, will keep the True Church intact. Whether sincerely done under true or false premises, let the Theaters of Forgiveness, around the world, resound with “Father Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do.”

Liberalism = Normal?

Liberalism = Normal?

By the 1960s, liberalism was well-entrenched in Canadian world views. Average everyday Canadians simply thought this world view the narrative. For the most part, the underlying and very strong foundation for this was the Canadian moral code, “Let’s be Nice.”

Being “Nice” allowed the Trotskyite Marxist Multicultural “Conquest Through Immigration” to be seditious for decades. Few were vetted. Muslims in charge of immigration found excuses in the Quran to not bother vetting Muslims entering Canada. Chinese were let into Canadian airports as their diseases were ignored.

This Marxist Communist liberal-incremental destruction of culture and nationalism was allowed under the irresponsible moral code of “Let’s be Nice.” Simultaneously, the incrementalism of Political Islam ever grew, always mindful of the 51% demographic needed for Sharia Law, in their thinking to be activated. A handful of Islam-abused dissident Muslims warned Canadians this was happening.

And now this Marxist Liberalism “Let’s be Nice” moral code has permeated what is left of Canadian churches. While over 58 Canadian churches are systematically burned to the ground, Communist style, an equally devastating plan for churches to self destruct remains underway. There are no flames, nothing is obvious, nothing is seen, as the self destruction rages.

“Let’s be Nice” is a Communist moral code for conquest, not recognized by Canadian Christians for what it is. It was long ago adopted into the Canadian Christian world view. It permeates major church decisions, eventually to their own peril and self destruction. Interestingly, churches in North America which died out, also destroyed by unseeable flames, were those which became increasingly liberal. Provenly, over and over again, when a church reaches a certain threshold of liberalism, it ceases to exist.

So now we have the liberal view of mixing the vaccinated shedders with the unvaccinated, in well-meaning churches, as the unseeable flames of spike proteins from shedders seriously infect unwitting, unvaccinated victims. No alternatives are explored. “Let’s be Nice” remains rigid, fixed and primary with the view that it would be mean to “segregate.”

As a USN medical corpsman with the Marines at Camp Pendleton, for many months I served daily in the Contagious Diseases unit. These were not so much segregated as necessarily detached, from the other units in the hospital. Oh sure, the unit could have been scrubbed, and those with contagious diseases distributed equally in the other wards – obstetrics, geriatrics, broken bones, etc – but that liberal outlook would have taken its toll in spreading the disease.

Flames Seen and Unseen…

Today, when even Pfizer admits the vaccinated are shedders which can seriously harm the unvaccinated, little (well-meaning) churches cling to their Communist “Let’s be Nice” moral code, though it is irrational. Isn’t it also Nice to the unvaccinated by protecting them from the serious harm of vaccinated shedders? And yet, it’s strongly determined it is more Nice for vaccinated shedders to be interspersed throughout the attendees.

When an unvaccinated one is in the hospital, it is equally perilous to put in his room COVID patients, as it is vaccinated shedders. So why do it in what remains of Canadian churches? Other alternatives need serious and immediate exploration, or unseeable flames will continue to rage and destroy…

COVID Lifeguards

The great Oxford don C.S. Lewis – often hailed as the Apostle Paul of the 20th century – held the firm belief that teaching by analogy was often the best and most effective way of teaching.

So here is a real-life analogy from my own experience, demonstrating what attitudes should and should not be, for church leaders currently in uncharted waters; regarding their vaccinated and unvaccinated church attendees.

As attended on many occasions, I once again waded into the warm waters of our community-center swimming pool. But this day was annoyingly different. As I perused and analyzed the situation, the usual calm obedience to the indoor pool’s unspoken Rule of Law was not there…

Just-immigrated Sikhs were involved in strange rituals, dominating the baby pool. Mothers of babies and small children were intimidated by the inappropriate spectacle and would not go in. The liberal-minded “lifeguards” just “remained nice” in their liberal mindset and would not confront the quietly-dominating Sikhs…

As I stood in the main pool observing this, I then turned to see ongoing chaos in this main indoor pool. Black immigrants were loudly cussing and shouting, with wild play physically hurting the regular pool attendees, even tearing clothes off of white females…

The “lifeguards” still did nothing, walking with indifference, “being nice” and not feeling called upon to exercise leadership” which may label them “politically incorrect.” Meanwhile, no angels were flying down to rectify the baby pool’s dominators, or to calm the troubled waters of unassimilated too-boisterous immigrants.

Not believing I was seeing this disorder, I got out of the pool and walked determinedly to the “lifeguards.” I called them all together and lectured them. “What do you think you’re getting paid to do here?” I demanded to know. “You are being paid to guard this pool. Why aren’t you doing it? People in here can get hurt!”

It was obvious no one had spoken to them like that before. For them, it was disconcerting. Their Marxist-conditioned minds insisted the highest value in life was to “Be Nice” to the offenders, no matter how many innocents could get hurt and violated. Strong leadership was as remote to them as the Third World lands from which these unassimilating immigrants left…

“Take charge!” I said. “Protect the innocent. Look at all the pool patrons victimized here!” So what do you think happened? Not one of the offenders were effectively made to modify their behavior. The “lifeguards” merely went around saying, “Be Nice.” Needless to say, it had no effect. The actual and potential dangers for the innocent pool goers remained, immigrant profanity filled the air and unacceptable “play” went on! Trotsky could not have been more proud!

Guard the Innocent! Guard the Unvaccinated!

Back to teaching by analogy. See Canadian pastors in congregations as these “lifeguards” and the vaccinated shedders as the dominating offenders (following their bad decisions to be vaccinated). “Being Nice” in the misguided attitudes of the “lifeguards” is their highest value! “How dare the vaccinated shedders be segregated from the unvaccinated! They should dominate the air! Be Nice to them!” And may the unvaccinated be damned as they should be nice, too, and merely tolerate the shedders; who have already, provenly, adversely affected hundreds of thousands of especially females, and the number is growing! (See video interviews below!)

What is the answer for these “lifeguard” pastors? Strong leadership, certainly. In uncharted waters, they have to go beyond “Being Nice” – for the sake of all the potential victims! With a mindset that this madness is temporary, they can go to Zoom meetings (many are Live Streaming around the world any way to Internet members). They can also do two services, one for the vaxxed and one for the unvaxxed (simply putting on small church signs and on their websites the times for the vaxxed and unvaxxed. Almost always, these two groups will not feel segregated but Welcome the separate services.)

The theological question looms: Is not God able to protect and shield the vaxxed from the unvaxxed? Of course He is able! He is also able to give every congregation member a million dollars on the spot! I have strong Faith for both! But until there is evidence He is working this way, the responsible protective measures MUST be taken. Or unvaccinated church members will be as destroyed as the dozens of church buildings already burned to the ground. COVID Communism counts on both… The important temporary measure is that vaxxed and unvaxxed remain UNITED IN PURPOSE though proximity changes are temporarily needed….

Pfizer Confirms COVID-Vaccinated People Can ‘Shed’ Spike Proteins And Harm The Unvaccinated

October 27, 2021 by Author on Source

Pfizer Confirms COVID-Vaccinated People Can ‘Shed’ Spike Proteins And Harm The Unvaccinated

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Steinberg published, “The injection turns a person into a shedder. The real bioweapon is not SARS-Cov2 rather it is the dangerous ‘vaccines’ that appeared out of nowhere in no time.”

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