Perilous Times

What makes these prophesied perilous times all the more perilous? It is this: While the Luciferian supernatural is raging at fever pitch, the Holy Spirit has been constricted, to the point it is painful to the Body of Christ!

One way to define this painful end-times enigma is the Adversarial taking of the “moral high ground.” Lucifer’s agent Trotsky, in real life and in his legacy, demonstrates this every 21st-century day: in such “moral high ground” as “racist” and “racism,” words invented by atheist Communist Trotsky to destroy nationalism.

But while hexes, spells, curses and incantations rage – through witches in the pews, seances, covens, and Marxism as a front for Satanism – the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are cleverly ousted and thoroughly banned behind the scenes.

God’s order in Sunday services, for His Precious Gifts of the Spirit, is cleverly bypassed. There is no place for their Divine spontaneity. Rather, for the sake of a pristinely and flawlessly ordered YouTube service, Sunday service structures are minutely mapped out, to be the epitome of structured presentation and order.

But without God’s full involvement in every service.

The hoards of deceived pastors, who pledge their hearts and souls to these “flawless” services, have their “logic” for keeping the Gifts of the Holy Spirit at a quiet distance. But what they soon have to confront is that “logic is not truth.” The following are examples:

It is ok to talk about the Gifts of the Spirit in messages, discourses and sermons. Many are even excitedly enthusiastic about doing so! But they always fall short of actually implementing them. This is so that a “flawless” YouTube order is always maintained.

Needless to say, such YouTube creations are depriving and destroying the church. Depriving the Holy Spirit of his full involvement in every service. Even (and sometimes especially) where His Presence is unusually Powerful in a Sunday service, His Divine input and manifestations of Love are severely constricted…

Pastors exempt themselves from the “risk of faith” and opt for a “beautiful” and uninterrupted YouTube service which feeds their pride. In their logic, “God is a God of order. Why should he want spontaneities, not in the Sunday YouTube agenda, to smudge His services?”

They wouldn’t think of asking the already hard-working techs to edit out such alleged “smudges.” “And besides,” YouTube-loving pastors contend, “seekers who are new to Christianity can easily be scared away from complete conversions. Why scare away children, teens and adults, when their eternal salvation is at stake?”

And there will be those pastors who will restrain those with the Gifts of the Spirit, disagreeing on unrelated issues, when (imperfect) anointed ones will not be able to use their Gifts, till they agree with the subjective way pastors see things. In the final analysis, such measures give security to overly-authoritarian pastors, while punishing and constricting the Holy Spirit who wants to manifest….

Needless to say, all this logic was foreign to the growth of the Early Church. There was no YouTube to be mindful of then. The Holy Spirit usually reigned Supreme in catacomb services – as He will do, once again, in cell groups and home churches, following a YouTube-incapacitating EMP attack, allowed under His Sovereignty.

Allowed under His Sovereignty, so Divine Manifestation of the Gifts of the Spirit can proceed, unhindered, to the fullest benefit of the End-Times Church. Soros-controlled YouTube will metaphorically gather dust and cobwebs, much as the statues of Roman deities, when new Christians left them for those catacombs and meeting places, “where the Holy Spirit was allowed to act to the max,” and not just talked about.

Once again, Holy Spirit signs, marvels, wonders, from Divine Grace will routinely appear for those who diligently seek them. Until then, these perilous times are made even more perilous, in thousands of services where God is not allowed to act. Not allowed to act with leading, direction, guidance, through timely and Divinely-infused wisdom, knowledge, discernment, miracles, healings.

After an EMP, the Potter will say to the clay, “You are the body of Christ. Each one of you is a part of it. First, I, God have placed apostles in the church. Second, I, God, have placed prophets in the church. Third, I, God, have placed teachers in the church. Then I have given to the church miracles and gifts of healing. I have also given the gift of helping others and the gift of guiding the church. I, God, also give the gift of speaking in different kinds of languages.”

“With the most convincing deceptions, 21st-century technology caused you to stray. But now we are Back to Basics….” 

YouTube will no longer hinder the Divine Spontaneities of the end-times Church…. In the absence of YouTube, many will truly “Rise from the dead” into the full functionality of the end-times Church!”

A Better Place

No where in Scripture does it say Divine Inspiration ends with Scripture!
Indeed, the Holy Bible serves many Life-giving purposes!
While we do not add to the Bible, we add to the richness of our lives
with Holy Spirit-inspired Poetry through the Ages…….
Dante, Milton, Isaac Watts, George Herbert, George MacDonald

“Being in the image of the Creator, we are called to Creativity,” said Dr. Francis Schaeffer.


From about 950 B.C. – in the middle of Solomon’s reign to the time of Amos in 750 B.C. – the Hebrew Iliad constituted apart from routine and court annals, the primary literature of Israel.

One cannot help but be amazed and momentarily stunned, when hearing intelligent Jewish people refer to Israel as “the occupation.” Liberal and conservative Jews share this bipartisan uninformed belief.

Consider. There is an ancient epic that is probably the earliest written literature of the Israelite civilization. Author William G. Pollard insists it ranks alongside the great epics of other civilizations! Such as the Iliad and Odyssey, the Aenid, the Bhagavad-Gita, Beowulf, and the Chanson de Roland.

These epics were all created in solidly-established countries. None were created by an author considered, historically, to be one merely of a temporary, occupying force. From their days till now, Greece is still Greece, Rome is still Rome (with modifications), India is still India and England is still England.

Many people are unaware that Israel, too, produced such an epic, at the beginning of her history as a nation. Repeat with me: Many people are unaware that Israel, too, produced such an epic, at the beginning of her history as a nation. And today, Israel is still Israel.

It recites, just as these others do, the heroic events through which Israel received national greatness. Are we speaking of 1948? Hardly. From about 950 B.C. – in the middle of Solomon’s reign to the time of Amos in 750 B.C. – the Hebrew Iliad constituted apart from routine and court annals, the primary literature of Israel.

Extensive Bible scholarship shows that the cultural and literary development of Israel was much the same as that of other ancient peoples. The Hebrew tribes, like other early peoples, developed a literature made up of ballads, victory songs and folk tales transmitted through oral tradition.

After permanent victories under David, and during the prosperity and leisure of Solomon’s reign, was a distinctive written literature produced. This first written literature consisted of two magnificent epics, one known in Old Testament scholarship as “The Early Source of Samuel, and the other as “The J (or Jahvist) Source of the Pentateuch.”

They form a complimentary pair in much the same way as do the two Homeric epics of the Hellenes. For two centuries – from about 950 B.C. In the middle of Solomon’s reign to the time of Amos in 750 B.C. – they constituted, apart from routine and court annals, the primary literature of Israel.

They exercised a decidedly formative influence in welding the diverse nomadic tribes of the Israelite empire into a coherent people with a common sense of destiny and a common cultural ethos. Today, making aliyah from the dispersion, we see the same coherent people, with a common sense of destiny and a common cultural ethos; returning, not to a land merely occupied by Israel; but to their own land, well established in its own ancient literature….

From about 950 B.C. – in the middle of Solomon’s reign to the time of Amos in 750 B.C. – the Hebrew Iliad constituted apart from routine and court annals, the primary literature of Israel.



Goodbye white shirt and tie!

Once you were standard fare

In churches low and high,

But now you’re scarce and rare!

The Cancel Culture tossed

Away your finery!

A great tradition lost –

A noble legacy!

Progressive” is the cry

For dressing down as slobs…

Just one more leftist lie

For imitating mobs!

Who swear impoverished dress

Is best and Heaven sent!

But jeans and all the mess

Are clearly a descent…

Old incremental Marx

Achieved his heinous goal.

Tradition’s narrative

The infiltrator stole

Our ways to show respect

Give way to derelict –

Tradition trashed and wrecked,

For His dressed-down Elect.

But should I really care?

The Bride takes to the air!

As angel trumpets blare

For those of the Lord’s Prayer!

This shadow of a bird

Appearing on my wall,

Lit on a branch, assured,

That it would never fall…

But flew away it did,

When chased away by crows!

I treasured its firm stance,

But now its way it goes…

But should I really care?

The Bride takes to the air!

As angel trumpets blare

For those of the Lord’s Prayer!


“Joy comes in the morning!” Psalm 30:5

How easy it is to forget, in these temporary perilous times, that “Joy comes in the morning.” As Christians in these challenging end times, it is our inheritance and responsibility – indeed, our precious non-verbal ministry – to remember and enjoy this Spiritual Quality for His Chosen!

“The joy of the Lord is my strength” is found in Nehemiah 8:10. It’s after the children of Israel returned to Jerusalem from exile. They were listening to the law being read, were overcome with condemnation, and were weeping. Ezra read the law to the people producing sorrow because their lives and behavior were not in alignment with the law. But instead of being condemned, they were instructed to celebrate because of “The joy of the Lord.”

We see two types of Joy and they overlap. In Nehemiah, we see that wonderful 24/7 Joy encompassing morning, noon and night. In Psalm 30:5 we see the specific literal reference to the morning, a unique situation every day, where the Strength of the Lord, blissful and clear-headed Joy, starts as we awaken!

This is a Gift from God! It is universal for every individual who has given their lives and hearts to the Lord. Yes, Christianity is spiritual and supernatural! No matter how infiltrative Marxism and naturalism tries to water it down. We start our days with that quality of Joy “on earth as it is in Heaven.” Wow!

Who does not want this in perilous times! Who does not cherish this? C.S. Lewis wrote an autobiographical book, Surprised By Joy. Even the title ministers to millions! I still marvel how – after a trying and wearying and exhaustive day – I wake up the next day with joy in the morning, as I did a few minutes ago. It is a Great Reset ordained by God (and has nothing to do with Klaus Schwab).

It’s definitely a full tank of fuel, spiritual fuel, to start the day. It extends into and dominates morning prayer, meditating and reflecting time, in the very Presence of God. It is a daily Grace one can depend on, a spiritual breakfast which puts a smile on your lips! Hebrews 13: 8 reminds us, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” And that includes His gift to us of Joy in the morning! Yesterday, today and forever!

So don’t start your day thinking you’re being “responsible” by worrying about temporal things in these perilous times. Start your day fully acknowledging Joy in the morning!

It includes, as Philippians 4:7 says, the peace of God which passes all understanding. “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus,” as you continue another day in these perilous times.

And, guess what. With that joy in the morning extending through the day, with the peace that passes all understanding, your spirit will minister to others! To people you do and don’t know, at times when you least expect it. People will covet it, will envy it, will want to treasure it, “As the night grows darker, the Stars burn brighter!”

YOU are one of those Stars! It is your God-given Destiny.



References on Hug Benefits!

Humanity has drifted dangerously from its intended path of perfection, wholeness and fullness. While every deviation known and imagined seems to grow in intensity, constituting perilous times, we have to start restoring humanity, from the damage already done.

The spreading of dehumanization must be curbed. Rehumanization is the order of the day. The Restrainer is in us and we must not restrain the Restrainer, allowing Him full expression. With hugs! Good, old-fashioned, ever new, flamboyant hugs!

Licentiousness will kill but hugs fulfill! Hugs bring Life! Hugs should be on everyone’s daily agenda, as everyone needs this Strength for the challenges ahead! With discretion, “Begin!”