America’s Kids Now on ENDANGERED SPECIES List!

Child Sacrifice underway in North America! Human trafficking, deadly COVID “vaccinations,” cult sacrifices, Satanist human sacrifices, abducted for adoption by leftist social workers and sold to unsavory predators, Masonic and liberal Catholic pedophilia, abortion, child suicide rates at all-time high due to domestic stress from COVID job losses, much, much more! Exercise Civic Responsibility today to prevent this in your province and county!

PATRIOTS! When a nation’s children are destroyed, the Nation is destroyed!

You Must do Preemptive Strikes

Against the enemies endangering the little ones

Chosen by God for Special Service!

Preemptive Strikes in faith and prayer and action,

In Decisive thought, word and deed,

As you Defend and Demonstrate and Declare

The Mighty Works of Rescue God predestined for You to do,

To show His Love and Faithfulness and Concern and Care,

Giving Heroic Glory to Him,

As YOU Preserve His Design for these Little Ones Awaiting You!