Bible Number 77

Number 77 in the Bible – Meaning

if you are seeing the number 77 then you’ll be glad to know it’s a message of positivity and encouragement. To clarify, the 77 number carries a special meaning!

The message basically says that your purpose in this world is about to become of utmost importance. In addition, the changes needed for this are coming soon and you need to get ready for this new and exciting time.

The meaning of a number can be thought of as the basic vibration as the fundamental of the number.

Number 77 is an indication that you are in direct alignment with your soul’s higher purpose in this life. The strength and energy of 7 is amplified. Means faith, wisdom, strength and independence.

Whenever this powerful number shows up in your experience, you can be sure that you are receiving spiritual guidance directly. It means your positive efforts and actions have manifested in success and rewards.

Take every opportunity to quiet your mind through meditation or prayer so you can get in touch with the wisdom that resides within you already. You’re being praised for your positive life attitude, for being on the right path and for being a psitive role model for other people..

As a general view, the numerology of the number 77 represents a shared energy that contains the ideas of:

Imagine having the personal freedom to pursue any whim and experience anything that interests you.

“7” is the perfection number, usually with a spiritual emphasis. In Hebrew, the word “7” is “cheval”. Come from the root «Sabah», I will satisfy you, you will have enough.

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Seventy and seven, or 77, a combination found in the words of Lamech (Genesis 4:24); the number of the princes and elders of Succoth (Judges 8:14); and the number of lambs in a memorable sacrifice (Ezra 8:35), would appeal in the same way to the oriental fancy.

The product of seven and seventy (Greek hebdomekontakis hepta) is met with once in the New Testament (Matthew 18:22), and in the Septuagint of the above-quoted Genesis 4:24. Moulton, however (Grammar of Greek New Testament Prolegomena, 98), renders in both passages 70 plus 7; contra, Allen, “Mt,” ICC, 199. The number is clearly a forceful equivalent of “always.”

Creation Contemplations

God speaks through His creation! In January 2021, this western Canadian photo art – of Edmonton artist Valerie Volk – quintessentially captures this Scriptural truism! What is God saying to you through the following photos? About time and eternity? About past, present and future? About His thoughts for you?

The above is pure and untouched art from a cell phone camera. It aptly demonstrates the quiet social media between the individual and the Creator!

2021 Art Presentation to Portal of Glory’s Wendy Varga

Please click on photo to see Art Presentation to Wendy Varga!

Dr. Francis Schaeffer, well known theologian of the 20th century – author of such books as Art & the Bible, which he told me helped a surprising number of people – said, “Being in the image of the Creator, we are called to creativity.”

This Art Presentation event on January 3, 2021, assuredly exuded these words. A former student of Pastor Wendy Varga awarded her a uniquely consummate visual rendition, for our day, of “The Root of the Stump of Jesse.” When turned 180 degrees, one experiences the city of the redeemed emerging from this remarkable Biblical curiosity….


“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

December 20, 2018 11:52 AM: As the Indiana General Assembly prepared to convene in January, 2019, legislation was proposed to criminalize the thoughts of Hoosiers. New World Order socialist thought-crime legislation is a godless state’s efforts to suppress political radicalism. Patriotism, nationalism, conservatism and Christianity are, to them, political radicalism.

Jan 1, 2020: Here we were but a step away from the “thought crime” George Orwell described in “1984.” Though precursors of thought crime legislation were enacted since 1995, this legislation sought to challenge centuries of Western civilization, where individuals are judged by their actions. The new legislation would replace this Western legal tradition by giving prosecutors and judges the authority to prosecute and sentence based on perceived thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

Next closest to one’s own thoughts are those suspected of being near one having Coronavirus (though they may be one of the over 80% false positives). So if you are also suspected of being near such a person, prosecutors and judges, in effect – have the authority to extract and sentence (14-day+ quarantine) based on your proximity to others. If you don’t take the vaccination, you may be in an incarceration unit indefinitely. Contact tracing attempts to find all contacts of a confirmed case, in order to test or monitor them for infection – but this weaponized medicine is merely a pretense for socialist controls.

Ultimately, the confiscation of private property by 2030 is the intended result. In our currently unrestrained surveillance state – where billions of dollars are profiteered by survival-of-the-fittest Marxist-globalist technocratic elites including ChiComs – we have “progressed” to thought-crime legislation and contact-tracing apprehensions and incarcerations. Both offer a “moral high ground” appearance – but are actually Marxist Trotskyite manipulations and maneuvers…

Both have overlap in meaning. A NWO-defined thought crime includes nationalism, conservatism, patriotism, Christianity, and indomitable American individualism opposed to Marxist collectivism. This may also be easily called a virus – affecting the health of the Marxist-globalist New World Order.

On the other hand, via privacy-stealing COVID contact-tracing weaponized medicine, the rounding up of these same groups of people is compounded, under a different umbrella with the same draconian purpose. Marxists Joe Biden and Kamilla Harris will force both: ongoing Marxist surveillance-state measures. Huawei 5G and 6G will enforce both through facial recognition – sanctioned by Masonic chiefs of police trapped in internationalist agendas and controls.

Both thought-crime legislation and contact tracing have the potential for mass incarceration. Why mass incarceration? Because the Sovereignty-stealing foreign-investor impersonal privatized prisons need hundreds of thousands of workers – for a 21st century Gulag Archipelago labor force. Unless We The People act quickly and decisively, these will be the new homes of America’s former middle class. For decades, the goal of Communism has been to destroy the middle class… But where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom! Invite Jesus to control your life today!

A Note On The Emerging Jerusalem Temple

A Solomon’s Temple beta version built by a billionaire in Brazil. Will the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews be ignored by this administration, as well as by the Third Temple priests in Jerusalem?

Today’s Sanhedrin and Temple priests-in-training are now presented Divine grace – before their complete denial of true New Testament Scripture. As we enter apocryphal times, it is important to understand the Temple and its Levitical staff – in terms of the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews

This overall perspective of the Letter to the Hebrews is especially important in its sustained comparison, between the Old Covenant and the New, as well as its extensive and sophisticated use of the OT.

In the Letter to the Hebrews, the repeated emphasis on priestly and sacrificial issues, throughout this Divinely-inspired work, may indicate it was written to a community of Levitical priests who had recently converted to Christianity. (Acts 6:7).

Acts 6:7 in the New Testament reveals: “And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith.”

These priests were converts who came from the priestly ranks of the Sadducees, who formed the Temple establishment – and possibly, also, from an Essene group of priests who lived in the southwest quarter of Jerusalem.

It is unknown whether the Letter to the Hebrews was authored before or after the fall of the Temple in 70 AD. Scholars show it may, on a particular understanding of Hebrews 13:4, have been written to a Jewish community in Italy.

Either way, the letter is presumably addressed to Jewish converts, who, because of persecution from without and nagging doubts from within, were tempted to revert to traditional Judaism and its Temple-centered worship.

(It could also have been addressed to the ancient Djerba Synagogue, located on the Tunisian island of Djerba, situated in the Jewish village of Hara Seghira currently known as er-Riadh: several kilometres southwest of Houmt El Souk, the main town of Djerba. The synagogue is the oldest in Tunisia. Besides being the center of the island’s Jewish life, it is a site of pilgrimage, Claims assert either a stone or a door from Solomon’s Temple – or from the Second Temple – is incorporated in the building.)

But either way, the Letter to the Hebrews is presumably addressed to Jewish converts, who, because of persecution from without and nagging doubts from within, were tempted to revert to traditional Judaism and its Temple-centered worship.

And now, with the soon emergence of the Temple in Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin and Levitical priesthood will again be tempted to revert to traditional Judaism and its Temple-centered worship. The Letter to the Hebrews attempts to dissuade them from this. This God-breathed epistle is for our day!

This Divinely-inspired epistle attempts to dissuade this group, once again, by stressing the inability of the Old Covenant to free us from sin (10:1-4). This is in sharp contrast to the absolute sufficiency of the New Covenant to cleanse our consciences and bring us into God’s presence through the covenant mediation of Jesus Christ (10:19-22).

The Letter to the Hebrews is in every official-Freemason King James Bible in Judeo-Masonic lodges. However, it will be ignored by Temple end-times participants, bent on reverting to traditional Judaism and its Temple-centered worship. The two witnesses prophesied in the Book of Revelation – whether Enoch and Elijah, or Moses and Elijah – will strongly reiterate the message in the Letter to the Hebrews.

Marxist Liberation Theology “Pope” Francis, simultaneously following the globalist agenda of the Parisian Lodge – which congratulated Cardinal Villot in 1967 for subjugating the traditional papal role, of ruling on faith and morals, to advancing the syncretistic Masonic world-religion agenda – will denigrate all fundamentalisms, including the fundamentals found in the Letter to the Hebrews.

As a loving warning of Divine grace before Divine wrath and judgment, today’s Sanhedrin and Levitical priesthood – tempted to revert to traditional Judaism and its Temple-centered worship – need to study the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews. To understand the priesthood of Melchizedek; to know why the New Covenant is superior to the Old; to understand the Efficacy of Christ’s Priesthood. And to understand why the Sanhedrin and Levitical priests should not revert to traditional Judaism and its Temple-centered worship.

Understand priestly and sacrificial issues in the Letter to the Hebrews…. It is far more important to be familiar with this! Far, far, over and above the museum in Jerusalem’s Old City: full of the robes that priests will wear and the golden vessels they will use once the Jerusalem Temple emerges...

See the Book of Revelation 11 on the Two Witnesses, before the Temple, who will strongly include
the Message of the Letter to the Hebrews for 3 1/.2 years
in the first half of the 7-year prophesied Tribulation.