An Open Letter to Michael Voris

“Managementby-Crisis” the tactic to implement immediately! Catholic Laity will now manage the crisis created by Marxism to save western civilization! Begin!

Urgently needed now are such pamphlets and brochures to inform, lead, guide and direct Catholic leadership Laity in all 50 states of America and all provinces of Canada! Let us prayerfully begin!

The Artwork of God! A Divine Response to Nantes Cathedral!

A Divine Response to Nantes Cathedral! The Artwork of God!

Aflame with zeal, aflame with love,
Aflame with fire from the sky!
Ephemeral as a resting dove,
A call to Pentecost stops by!
Commemorating the first day,
The upper room with tongues of fire,
Empowering those who stayed to pray
As Holy Spirit took them higher!
Terror tries to mock and counterfeit
This Master Handiwork of God!
Committing crimes, terror torched and hit,
With earthly fires of demons flawed:
Destructive flames their final fate!
While Ardor harbors to Create….

Photo of Catholic Church and poem above by Stephen Volk, whose poetry talent was Blessed by Pope Benedict XVI

Marxist Revolutionary “Pope” or Popes Leo XIII, Pius X and Pius XI

While Pope Francis should be building on vital economic groundwork – set forth by Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius XI – he is, rather, viciously and destructively opposing it!

In 1912 Austria, anti-Christian socialists destroyed the excellent pilot program of Pope Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum, the “Magna Carta for the Working Man” activated by Pope Pius X.

But a young Catholic priest witnessed, firsthand, the successes of this papal economic policy in Austria.

He was enthused and excited by it! His name was Father Michael Gallagher.

An activist himself, he soon became Bishop Michael Gallagher. A young priest was sent to Royal Oaks, Michigan, and Bishop Gallagher mentored him in Rerum Novarum.

The young priest’s name was Father Charles Coughlin. He was brilliant! He was feisty! He popularized Rerum Novarum. In U.S. popularity, he was second only to FDR!

Forty years after Father Coughlin’s death, MSM fake news still fears him today! Even then, the Trotsky-sympathizing New York Times slandered him more than they do Trump today!

And yet, even hundreds of notable American Jews boldly went on record, in Coughlin’s weekly newspaper, proclaiming the New York Times and the Marxist “American Jewish Committee” did not speak for them! The battle was on…

Under the control of a heinous American-Marxist-socialist cabal, FDR till 1932 used Father Coughlin to get votes and then betrayed him. This made Coughlin more determined than ever to popularize the truth and economic salvation of Rerum Novarum!

With over 40 million followers giving an average 25 cents per week, in the worst times of the Great Depression, Father Coughlin still, unsolicitedly, brought in up to $10 million weekly! For the Body of Christ, he reinvested much of this in silver, knowing silver (unlike gold) was too plentiful for internationalists to dominate.

When 65 families in his parish were out of work, Father Coughlin used these funds, in part, to employ them. “We didn’t really need a shrine,” he later revealed, “but did want to support these families.”

Pope Pius XI soon got on board and internationally reiterated the economic message of Rerum Novarum in his encyclical Quadragesimo Anno. Though the Vatican Sec of State worked against this, all went well till the death of Pope Pius XI.

Today, Marxist Liberation-Theology and socialist Deep State cabal-promoting “Pope” Francis, is going full force to counter Pope Leo XIII, Pope Pius X, Pope Pius XI, Bishop Michael Gallagher, Father Charles Coughlin and Hillaire Belloc.

Francis is not only not a successor to their work but, as a revolutionary, counters them! Just as the socialists n 1912 Austria, who destroyed the excellent pilot program of Pope Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum, “Pope” Francis goes forward unrestrained in his scripted Marxist and Masonic agenda…

Unlike the Great Depression peaking 25 million unemployed Americans, over 40 million Americans are now unemployed – but the massive economic devastation has yet to start! And it can only be delayed four more years with the re-election of President Donald Trump.

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The Pagan God Zeus Reinstated by Masonry in the Jerusalem Temple! It Destroys Hanukkah and Mocks the Heroic Judas son of Mattathias!

In the Maccabean Revolt, rebellion against Seleucid oppression began with the aged priest Mattathias and his five sons. Upon the death of Mattathias, his son Judas became head of the growing guerrilla band. Called “Maccabee” (hammer) because of his lightning ability to strike devastating blows to the organized Seleucid garrisons, Judas led his untrained soldiers into phenomenal victory after victory.

By 165 BC the Maccabean Revolt had gained religious freedom for the Jews. The Jerusalem temple, which had been dedicated to the pagan god Zeus three years earlier, was purged by the Jews and rededicated to their God, Jehovah. This religious emancipation is still celebrated annually by the Jews in the Feast of Hanukkah (Re-dedication).

But now the driving force rebuilding the soon-emerging Jerusalem temple will, again, bring dedication of the pagan god Zeus, so important to syncretistic Freemasonry worldwide! See the full version of Freemasonry and the Temple here, especially the last half revealing the global Masonic occult agenda to rebuild Solomon’s Temple:

Spiritually, at the very least, Wonder Woman as the daughter of Zeus paves the way for the Masonic acceptance of Zeus, reinstated in the Temple, as the cruel tyrant and deadly psychopath Antiochus would impose it. For those who understand the spiritual world, it’s the same evil heinous spirit. While I think Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is an absolutely fantastic, dynamic and gifted actress, she is unwittingly advancing the Masonic agenda for the cruel Antiochus IV tyranny…

If Judas, son of Mattathias, could sit down with Gal Gadot and explain the stark spiritual realities of who worshiped Zeus in the Jerusalem Temple, she would easily have nothing more to do with Zeus in the Masonic-influenced film industry! Because acceptance of Zeus is to accept the cruelty toward the Jews by Zeus-worshiping Antiochus IV. If Israeli females in the IDF and government subtly identify with the “daughter of Zeus,” they are to various degrees in agreement with the deity of the cruel tyrant Antiochus IV – and pre-conditioned for accepting the Zeus-infiltrated emerging Temple (to be the hangout for the anti-Jewish Antichrist overseeing the prophesied “Jacob’s Trouble”).

After 3 1/2 years from the Isaiah-prophesied “Agreement with Sheol” (Agreement with the World of the Dead) where the Antichrist is now signed over as the protector of Ha Eretz, the tyranny of the Antichrist world leader will make the madman Antiochus IV appear as a schoolboy! Zeus in the Jerusalem temple is a powerful common denominator to both Antiochus IV and the Antichrist!

Masonic author Irvin Owens Jr. – of Masonic Island City Lodge No. 215 – published in his “Seeking the Pleides”: Our earlier (Masonic) brethren would have known much about the mythology represented by the story of the Pleides, and would want for this symbol to represent both a warning and a charge…

“The charge is that like Zeus, we must protect all of our females from the excesses of other males; in fact, that charge may be one of the primary reasons for the existence of our august (Masonic) fraternity, along with providing insurance for the families of our operative forebears… These are important lessons that we cannot afford to forget, lest the precious (Masonic) order we have built in our society fall to shreds….”

Meanwhile, the Masonic Galleries are composed of the works of Masonic scholars, researchers, occultists, artists and authors whom Universal Co-Masonry believes are “in harmony with the principles and philosophies of Universal Co-Masonry.” One Masonic artist contributed the following artwork of Zeus for display in the Masonic Galleries:

Zeus in The Masonic Galleries

YouTube has a revealing video titled “Children of Zeus – 33rd Degree Masons”: Click here to watch:

Masonic author John Algeo, in “Ceremony, Freemasonry and the Mysteries” (originally published in the July-August issue of Quest Magazine, commenting on a line from poet and theosophist William Butler Yeats, wrote of Zeus: The “rich horn” is the cornucopia – the curved horn from a goat whose milk fed the infant Zeus. In gratitude for being thus fed, Zeus made the horn overflow with fruit, grains, “and other good things.”

Master Mason and author Lionel Fanthorpe wrote in Mysteries and Secrets of the Masons, “Zeus in particular frequently blended his genes with those of attractive females… to father an improved race… either to be the proto-Masonic elite or to serve the proto-Masonic elite.” (p. 93)

It appears Judas will not be around this time to purge Zeus from the Jerusalem temple. Remember the cruel tyranny of Antiochus IV and how much worse the Antichrist will be in Jacob’s Trouble!

Antiochus outlawed Judaism. Among forbidden practices were the rite of circumcision, the study of Torah, and the keeping of kashrut (Jewish dietary laws). In the Jews’s Holy Temple, he placed a statue of Zeus — the god he believed was manifest in his own royal being — and sacrificed swine on the altar. He stripped the Temple of its sacred vessels, including the seven-branched golden menorah, and stole the silver and gold coin. Soon the Antichrist will proclaim himself God and the Jews will have nowhere to flee but Petra!

“Do not make a covenant with them or their gods. Do not let them live in your land, or they will cause you to sin against Me, because the worship of their gods will certainly be a snare to you.” (Exodus 23:32-33). You are forewarned. If the 87+ Masonic lodges in Israel continue with Masonry and Zeus, a worse than Antiochus IV will appear in the person of Antichrist after 3 1/2 years of his deceiving “reign of prosperity.”

Author Genealogy includes his grandmother Katherine Solomon


In the official and highly proprietary and secretive 32nd Degree Readings in Freemasonry, it is explicitly stated the 32nd Degree secret is allowable pedophilia. No one knew this better than the notorious Jeffrey Epstein.

The victimization of this “allowable pedophilia” indeed has a broad and heinous scope. Very tragic, indeed. It has taken its toll on society far, far more than people realize.

It begins with the members themselves. Designed, in the final analysis, as a control mechanism to control the world’s politicians and statesmen, once individuals in this group believe and act on this lie, they can now be manipulated and controlled the rest of their lives. The threat of exposure always looms over them. They feel no alternative but to fall in line with Deep State whims.

From this emerge the most tragic victims. The children. Not only children procured by the Jeffrey Epsteins of the world, but children and grandchildren from a Masonic member’s own family! It too often happens where Masonic grandfathers sexually abuse their own grandchildren, as this black Masonic lie took root in their hearts.

Actually meeting one of these victims in church one day, he confided his story and asked me to pray for him. We prayed together and instantly his eyes became unusually clear! Through the power of prayer to Jesus, who came to set the captives free, he now confessed he felt absolutely free from hurts he’d been carrying from these molestations for years!

So for every priest, bishop and cardinal Michael Voris on Church Militant reveals as a pedophile, there are no doubt an equal if not a greater number of Masonic grandfathers guilty of the same! This category, including politicians, remains largely undetected. This is why many Masonic grandfathers remain inactive as non-activists, never challenging and exposing Masonic laity and clergy.

As revealed in the first edition of The Freemason At Work by Masonic author Henry Carr, after much groundwork the Catholic clergy were admitted to Masonic membership in 1974. And now that you know the intensely despicable and official 32nd Degree secret, you now know what happened to those members! They and fellow clergy they revealed the secret to, are exposed by Church Militant every day!

This is the growing Catholic challenge today! To realize first that Masonic lodges and Catholic churches – indeed, including any “separated brethren” churches – cannot co-exist. Despite their official King James version of the Bible – not recognized by Catholics – they are darkly anti-Christian in what they do – though not in how they want to appear.

The purity and wholeness of future Catholic priests and laity depend on it! Until these are dismantled, the disease will never end. Church Militant will have this subject matter daily for generations. Is that what you want? It’s not what many popes wanted. Look! Download now the full list of popes who condemned Masonry by clicking here…

By 1967, the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Villot successfully betrated the papacy. Congratulated by the Parisian Masonic Lodge in a 1967 letter, Villot subjugated the traditional papal role of ruling on faith and morals to the advancement of Masonic policies. Do you understand now why Marxist Liberation Theology Francis is soft on pedophiles?

It is important – indeed urgent – to understand where this Masonic control is all leading. In the 1924 version of the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry it reads: “Every Lodge is a miniature Temple. Every Lodge worker is a Temple worker.” Freemasonry, through the most vicious controls endlessly abusing mankind, has set in place an anti-Christian and anti-Constitutional infrastructure for world government, where its controlled members are forced to do its bidding.

The soon-emerging Temple in Jerusalem – which Jesus Christ proclaimed desolate – is fully supported and energized by Freemasonry. Its acceptance worldwide is forced upon duped members – who succumbed to the Masonic control of pedophilia – is to imposes this world govt. symbol as a draconian triumph over the nation-state. Masonic syncretism in the Temple will be fully activated.

President Trump, know this! “The friend of a friend opposing a common enemy” is an Islamic belief. Too many Masonic advisors and “Trump helpers” are in the deepest part of Masonic Deep State. They “help” you for ultimately your greater acceptance of Freemasonry! Senator Chuck Grassley is only one of many in this “Republican” category! “Republican” as globalists Kissinger and “partying with pedophiles” Alan Dershowitz are “Republican.”

Expose Masonic “Heroes”in your city!

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Gospel of Luke Perspective

In the American gun debate, there is an argument frequently used in attempts to nullify the relevance of the second amendment that usually sound something like this: “The founding fathers were talking about muzzle-loading sidearms and artillery, and had not foreseen the scope and impact of modern weaponry.” 
This argument contains two understated, side-lined assumptions:
1. That the founding fathers were unaware of the impact of changes in military technology. From stone to bronze, bronze to iron, from maille to plate, from bareback to saddle and stirrup, from simple bows to compound recurve, longbow, and crossbow, from single lever catapults to complex trebuchets – history is nothing but a continuous escalation in both the destructive and defensive force of military technology, and scholars that they were, would have had no reason to believe that this pattern of change would cease.
2. That the language of the second amendment was surface level only, and not a statement of foundational ethical philosophy and governing *principle*. 
Time for context. America was birthing itself from a Europe where Feudalism was still absolutely a defining force, even as it was transmogrifying into Imperialism. To be a man-at-arms in Feudal Europe meant that your allegiance was sworn to a Lord; to bear arms meant that you were in service to someone. This concept itself was descended from the Germanic (anglo/saxon, frankish, gothic, nordic, etc.) tribal concept of troth, where bearing a sword/spear was one in the same as swearing an oath to kin and chieftain. You were either a chieftain, or in service to a chieftain, or else you were an outcast. The right to bear arms (which was previously given by lords and not inherent) was in the language of old Europe, the right to lordship over oneself – that, everyone may be a chieftain, and every homestead an estate. When interpreted in the context of “a well-regulated militia”, it becomes clear that the power being given is one meant to check and balance the accumulation of excessive or central power. What mattered was not the nature of the armament, but that the right to armament be equal or greater to that of any standing army.
In short, if the second amendment were properly adhered to (by the PEOPLE, with whom this responsibility falls) every county in the United States would be able to field a small army, based on voluntary service by the Lord and sons of each homestead, and that army would have an arsenal of capacity needed to make it a proper check and balance.
Yes, a handful of AR-15 style weapons won’t stop the American military, and won’t prevent tyranny. Every county in the United States should possess military level ordinance. Every county should have a contingent of tanks, helicopters, and planes with accompanying ammo and fuel dumps. It is the responsibility of each American citizen to ensure this, in order to protect Lordship over his own estate, and such is the “right to bear arms” – not merely to own weapons, but to be a militarily relevant force in one’s own service, accountable for his own freedom, and thereby for the freedom of his neighbors as well.

"But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”  Luke 22:36

Research the clergy who valiantly and courageously fought in the Revolutionary War!

A Cloud of Witnesses

Reflecting on communion of the saints,
These faithfully departed cheer us on!
To win the race without disgraceful taints!
Until we waken in our Heavenly dawn!
Reflecting on those heroes looking down,
They urge believers on to victory!
They pray their loved ones win a golden crown!
And war with forces contradictory!
How can we say departed do not pray?
That they do not entreat or intercede?
I feel them every day! A loyal array
In prayerful purpose faithful and agreed!
We are surrounded by so great a cloud!
Of witnesses! A living, prayerful crowd!

How strengthening to know that they are there!
Petitioning the Throne room for our good!
Who once passed through the earth, forebears aware
That we need strength to stand – as they once stood!
When they, as we, required angelic aid,
Relying on the mercy of Our Lord.
They pray you see the pageant and parade
Before Him who forever is adored!
How personal and comforting this is,
To know and feel our loved ones are concerned,
Those relatives passed on who now are His,
Desiring you receive what Jesus earned:
Eternal bliss and happiness and life,
Where there is not a hint of sin or strife….

Sonnets by
S. Volk

Rapture Poem!

The Lord has been giving me Rapture poems lately! IMPORTANT! As with Noah and Lot, the true church is not appointed to Divine wrath! For more on this see PROPHECY WATCHERS with Dr. Gary Stearman.

Here’s one I felt compelled to “jump out of bed” and write at 5:30 a.m. today. It was unintentionally finished “right on the dot” at 7 a.m. It is a Sonnet (14 Lines) and 7 is God’s number of completion. Enjoy!

The Faultless Thief

The first day when we meet with Jesus Christ,

When trumpets sound and gladness fills the air,

Men’s cultures, once contrived, are sacrificed

For One to soon lay faults and errors bare!

The King of kings returns as angels sing,

As stars and angels sing in harmony!

We meet Him in the air! We see Him bring

Relief to those who wait on land and sea!

Such swift and sudden gallantry! Endure

For One who left in clouds and now returns!

Who rescues those with faithful hearts kept pure!

Before His purifying fire burns!

Who could not wait for such a faultless thief?

He steals you from the sources of all grief!

Sonnet by SV

Let’s keep in our focus above COVID-19 the Blessed Hope of the Rapture! Click here!