Merry Grinchmas?

Apostasy? This pastor dressing as the Grinch is not an uncommon spectacle in North American churches at Christmas.
Christian Values Mixed with Fantasy and Secular Values = Serious Syncretisms
. “Syncretism” is a mixture of what is acceptable and unacceptable to God. Rather, “There is Strength in Purity.” But Syncretism is Divinely judged.

Has everyone lost their minds? Today, I went to one of several Christmas productions hosted by a very large Pentecostal church. The same production was promoted for several showings, with a cast and crew of dedicated church volunteers.

I was greeted at the door by a very convincing Santa. Another meandered in a very complete and convincing Grinch costume. I was soon to discover many churches of many denominations were somehow keeping the Grinch as a greeter, an actor, a pal, or whatever.

(I then recalled this was the same multi-million dollar church which gleefully distributed Halloween candy – as attendants passed through the doors of three Sunday morning services. The occult know well this is much more than merely a “kindly cultural act.”)

It’s one thing to go to shopping malls which are cathedrals of fantasy. It’s quite another to go to churches who adopt and promote the fantasy values in shopping malls.

Inside the packed church, four Christmas songs were highlighted. Two secular and two traditional Christian. Supposed to be sing-along, the two traditional Christian Christmas songs were stylized in a way, where performance overwhelmingly took precedence over strong, unified congregational Christmas singing (remember that?).

Surprisingly, in an interview with children, during this Christmas Eve service, “Toys ‘R Us” was portrayed in a positive light. But for real Christians, nothing could be further from the truth, as seen in the following:

Clearly, the technical production was magnificent and cutting edge. A curious kaleidoscope – of bold and various color combinations and backgrounds. Designed to perfection for a (Soros-controlled) YouTube audience. Very expensive. Very well manned.

The Gifts of the Spirit were nowhere to be found.

The quiet rationale for this technocratic “spirit of the age” overkill, in this and many similar churches, is Evangelization. The premise is that the “secular unsaved” will respond to incremental secularisms in a church. Disco music, hockey ads, performance singing (though lyrics are glaringly overhead, 80% of the music is not geared to sing-along). The 21st-century church appears as far more a community center – than a sanctified sanctuary, with overt personal and collective heartfelt reverence for God.

“The way forward is the way back.” And that moment is not long in coming. (Click Here! ) When the electrical grid goes down for a variety of reasons, there will be a phenomenal return to home churches, cell group, and home Bible studies. These smaller meetings, emerging from necessity, will be much more meaningful. After 2,000 years, Christian gatherings will now come full circle, returning to gatherings of 5 to 40.

The Bride will now be prepared without the Grinch, Santa, disco music, hockey ads, and prioritized performance music. The Gifts of the Spirit will not only be allowed in, but FULLY allowed to function in complete liberty and freedom! Are you ready? Pulling the plug on expensive and very attractive apostate measures, through a Divinely-sanctioned grid down, will be a true spiritual upgrade for the end-times church.

Getting back to what is Real is exciting!

A sumptuous feast, of fantasy values mixed with Christian values, is a clever part of the profiteering “spirit of the age” attractive to the “natural man” mentality.

Sacred Feast?

Sacred Feast? When Desperation Leads To Desecration

For the Dirt?

When does the Sacred Feast of Holy Communion cease to be a Sacred Feast? When does a Communion Host truly become Desecrated?

In the context of Christianity, the consecrated Bread and Wine were for human consumption. There is absolutely nothing in Holy Scripture, in Church Tradition, or in the writings of the Church Fathers, about burying the Sacred Host in the dirt to “consecrate a land.” Are hosts needed to consecrate land?

Israel-supporting Pentecostal fringe groups are now so desperate, for Divine change, that they are starting to resort to “consecrating the land” by directing entire congregations to “go out the back door and plant the Sacred Host into the soil, to consecrate the land.”

Should the painting of the Last Supper portray the Apostles gathered around Jesus, commanding them, “Do This In Remembrance Of Me,” taking the Bread and crushing it into the dirt, then the Wine and pouring it into the soil?

Tremendous deception is underway today. Pastors who have directed their congregations to do this, with good intentions, need to publicly apologize and prostrate themselves before the Lord.

Host desecration is a form of sacrilege in Christian denominations that follow the doctrine of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. It involves the mistreatment or malicious use of a consecrated host—the bread used in the Eucharistic service of the Divine Liturgy or Mass (also known by Protestants simply as Communion bread). It is forbidden by the Catholic, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Orthodox Churches, as well as in certain Protestant traditions (including Anglicanism, Lutheranism, and Methodism).

Martin Luther through his dying day completely believed in the real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Young Reformer Zwingli from Switzerland, when in his twenties, opposed the scholarly Luther and called it merely bread. Their contemporary from France, Calvin, wrote that it was somewhere in-between. The only time Luther met Zwingli he severely chastised him and rejoiced at Zwingli’s death. Today, many who follow Zwingli consider the feast of the Eucharist more sacred than the Eucharist itself – or they would not rub the Host into the dirt.

Throughout history, a number of groups have been accused of desecrating the Eucharist, often with grave consequences due to the spiritual importance of the consecrated host. When Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, being no respecter of persons, what could be the “grave consequences” of desecrating the Host today? Untimely deaths in the complicit congregation?

As one in western civilization who always considers “innocence before proven guilty,” I do believe this unwitting desecration is done with the best of intentions. But should one – indeed, an entire congregation – attempt to consecrate the land to God by desecrating the Host? Is the Sacred Feast for both the consumption of humans and the land? Desperation leading to desecration needs to be re-examined…

The Incarnation blessed this material world: why shouldn’t people feed the Host to cattle to bless their cattle? Why just put it into the soil? An examination of witch-trials involving the host is used to explore lay assumptions about the proper temporal uses of Christian sacred objects. Why bring up witch trials? Because though Pentecostals may have good intentions, they are not above deception. Satan is always trying to conform people to his image, especially with slander; especially with magnifying and embellishing the false guilt laid upon those who oppose his subtle tactics; but also with host desecrations which span the centuries.

It’s best to back up, it’s theologically safer, to become stronger in tradition, to shun even the appearance of evil. For an entire congregation to crush their hosts into the dirt, definitely gives the appearance of evil… A serious degree of liberalism is at play here. Liberalism which has infiltrated the Church in a thousand ways, slowly, incrementally, over time. Until the Holy Spirit Himself is made to seem a liberal progressive, where the Feast is made to appear more sacred than the Host itself. The Host, they insist, can be rubbed into the dirt; as can those Truth seekers who oppose this practice.

After considering this article, a professional theologian commented the following:

The offenders may argue this is not a ritual. But whether one burns a Viking funeral ship one time – or a thousand times – even one time is a ritual. And should their church alone have the privilege of putting the Host into the soil – and if so, why don’t all the others in their national organization do the same? In any event, is this not apostasy?

Christian Spinelessness

Ichtus? Or jellyfish? Your Choice!

Are the driving forces in Communist Cancel Culture merely the mercenary Soros-motivated Antifa and BLM? Or could there be more which are not readily seen? Are there hidden forces behind Cancel Culture? One very definite hidden force is Christian Spinelessness.

When resistance to anti-Christian forces is weak, even non-existent, the door is wide open for the ruination of Christian Culture. The Restrainer is in all Christians. And when the Restrainer is put on Lockdown – through the negation of prayer to precede pro-active Christian logistics – the pandemic of Cancel Culture is unrestrained.

What Christians need to assault even more than Antifa and BLM is their own Christian Spinelessness. For 1,000 years, the physically and intellectually-determined Christian Irish were the bulwark and vanguard against Christian Cancel Culture movements.

Shall we learn from history?

When Christian dedication and activism slacken, when Christians cling only weakly to God, a true Christian imagination and activity will suffer, as much as the individual’s moral life. This was the message in The Pilgrim’s Progress, which is not only timeless but practical.

Truly, every Christian on the face of the earth has the potential to have a Divinely-supported Spine. When Peter denied Christ three times, he was spineless. But not far into the future, he acknowledged Christ three times. He’d come to realize his mistakes of spinelessness and soon displayed he had a Divinely-braced Spine.

So in this Christmas season and beyond, we need to take inventory of spinelessness. Of how fear manipulates; but how determined denial of fear gives Freedom to Fulfill Personal Destinies! It all revolves around being Good Stewards of Time and filling that time each day with a Divinely-braced Spine!

With this in mind, Pilgrim, let’s start to Powerfully Progress! It’s the one New Year’s Resolution all Christians everywhere need to make! Or, as jellyfish – in other languages, this translates as “couch potato” – watch Cancel Culture continue as Christian Culture continues to slide. Is that what you want?


“Marx Goes To Church” by: Thomas Riggins

Perhaps a better term is “Marxified clergy.” Because an overwhelming amount of clergy, today, are living and breathing Marxist narratives, unaware of doing so. To various degrees, we are witnessing this apostasy – now on a scaled unparalleled!

Though C.S. Lewis wrote, “There is more individuality in Heaven than there is in Hell,” too many pastors today overlook it and politely impose collectivism. Marxist collectivism. Collectivism breeds mediocrity. And they falsely label this attitude and soft legalism as “God’s order.”

But that is not true. That is what Hinduism believes: “I am he and you are he and you are me and we are all together,” was Beatle George Harrison’s Hindu mantra. This is Hinduism, not Christianity. This will be the short-lived Freemason ploy for a syncretistic world religion. (Marxists need a world religion to achieve world government. Once achieved, they dispel and persecute the world religion they momentarily used to rise to power.)

Undeniably, Jesus Christ truly died for Individuals. When each of us die and go to Heaven and hear the words, “I’ve been waiting for YOU!” it refers to the path of perfection tailored just for you, with your uniquely-developed soul the final Glorious outcome!

The Apostles had a great deal in common. But they were still very much Individuals. In Christianity, theirs are the stories of Individual Christians we encounter! Heroes, Warriors, Martyrs, Innovators, the Inspired Ones… Especially those who aptly and boldly displayed, “Sacrifice is at the Heart of Christianity.”

So if you’ve been dulled down into a (Marxist) collectivist mindset, it is now time for your Resurrection! Collectivism breeds mediocrity (and apathy, to the point where you accept a convincing “second best” for your destiny). Time to reassess the Individual things God has called YOU to do.


Ready To Be All The Individual You Can Be?

There are many ways clergy live a degree of Marxist narrative, without being aware they are doing so. The Marxist Frankfurt School did its best to destroy God-given male attributes of authority and effective leadership. You can read on it in their 1950 English translation of The Authoritarian Male, designed to exterminate effective male authority and leadership in western civilization.

Today’s sniveling clergy were and are not outside its infiltrating Marxist influence. This needs to be confronted with inwardly, accompanied by much “prayer for purging.” The attributes and highest Role Model Qualities of Christ, as the epitome of manhood, need to be minutely examined then integrated and followed.

By 1930, already 1,034 Communists infiltrated the unsuspecting Catholic Church. And while Marxist Liberation Theology is more obvious in the Catholic Church, Marxism is just as pervasive in the Protestant and Evangelical realms. And Pentecostal churches were so easy to infitrate – they still haven’t caught on to the incremental secular agendas geared to their downfall…

Most churches in America have organized as “501c3 tax-exempt religious organizations.” This is a fairly recent trend that has only been going on for about fifty years. Churches were only added to section 501c3 of the tax code in 1954. We can thank Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson for that. Johnson was no ally of the church. As part of his political agenda, Johnson had it in mind to silence the church and eliminate the significant influence the church had always had on shaping “public policy.”

For a 501c3 church to openly speak out, or organize in opposition to, anything that the government declares “legal,” even if it is immoral (e.g. abortion, homosexuality, samesex “marriage,” LGBTQ, transgenderism, etc.), that church will jeopardize its tax exempt status. The 501c3 has had a “chilling effect” upon the free speech rights of the church. And as Marxism holds to no Absolutes, no concept of good and evil, and no accountability to God, 501c3 guarantees Marxism will go unchallenged by participating churches. 

Today, unchecked and unremedied intensifications of the “spirit of the age” are influencing “Marxified shepherds” to feed very bad spiritual diets to their “Marxified sheep.” The unrestrained Marxist food of Secularism is reaching levels of gluttony! Only strong convictions and practical applications of Sanctification, understood properly, can counter and offset the Marxist push for Secularism.

“With God, all things are possible.” Perhaps dedicated regular fasting and prayer, on the part of Individuals like You, will cause these overt and covert pastoral Marxifications to dissipate and diminish. Meanwhile, in the interim, home churches and cell groups are looking better and better! No more secular disco music, just the blessed and revered traditional music of the True Church.

Marxified pastors also proclaim an exaggerated and undue influence on the material. Marxists are materialists. “What you see is what you get” is their spoken and unspoken creed. Get all you can now, they say, for there is no afterlife. This is it! The acquisition of lands, expensive cars, planes, airports, is what Marxists and Marxified pastors emphasize. The words of Peter, “Silver and gold have I none,” are far from them. Indeed, Marxified pastors are part of the great Apostasy.


In the United Nations, the Holy See holds a unique Permanent Observer status. Since the 1950s, there has been much opposition to its traditional status, and now from all WEF and Islamic corners of the earth.

To see where Vatican sins of omission, in wilfully not exercising responsible and effective leadership, have occurred, it’s important to consider some of the UN organizations over which the Holy See has influence.

In addition to its permanent observer stationed at the UN’s New York office, the Vatican sends permanent observers to the UN offices in Geneva and Vienna. As well as to the

  • UN Organization for Industrial Development (As the world de-industrializes)
  • UN Food and Agricultural Organization (Allowing thousands of tons of crickets per annum for human consumption in unlabeled and deceptively-labeled North American foods)
  • UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Communist UNESCO in league with the Communist NEA indoctrinating students in state “educational” institutions)
  • Organization of American states
  • Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (Approving polygamous and pedophile Muslim Afghan refugees to enter the U.S. over U.S. citizens abandoned in Afghanistan and sanctions dangerous, unvetted illegals crossing from Mexico into the U.S.)
  • World Health Organization (Not with governmental authority but which overrides nationalist government authorities as does the profiteering CDC)
  • International Labour Organization
  • World Organization of Commerce
  • International Committee of Military Medicine (Not opposing the forced COVID “vaccinations” on US Armed Forces)

Adding to these miseries, anti-Christian Communist China, with the second-largest UN “peace keeping” troops, is attempting to remake the UN in its image. More on that here:

As long as the Catholic Church has a unique Permanent Observer status at the UN, it can do genuine good on a range of issues, using its UN platform. First and foremost, the Vatican needs to inform its over 1 billion Catholic members of UN developments complicit with the anti-Christian WEF Communists and globalists. Kissinger would like to see Obama in charge at the UN. Hillary wanted Bill in charge at the UN. You get the picture. Pray that such responsible Holy See UN Permanent Observers emerge!

Pray the Marxist “Liberation Theology” Deep State-selected Papacy – in league with the Rothschild world-governance cabal – will repent of prioritizing Parisian Masonic lodge internationalist policies, over its traditional papal roles of ruling on faith and morals. God in His Sovereignty permitted Vatican Permanent Observer status at the UN, not for passivity and indifference, but to be Lights Shining in the Darkness, to confront and expose the criminal world-govt. agenda of the UN.

WEF rep President Duterte met with Caccia in Malacañang Dec. 6, 2017.
Duterte already visited Cambodia for the World Economic Forum (WEF).


In God’s Sovereignty, the absence of electricity will bless the Church….

Until the 19th century, of course, electricity did not exist. Think on this. Take time to reflect and meditate on 19 centuries of Christianity without electrical power.

In the 1950s Sunday services, I enjoyed the warmth provided by coal furnaces. Candles lit the front of the church. The pipe organ combined with a choir, in coats, to provide grand music giving Glory to God!

Today, with the looming threats of war, solar and man-made EMP, rolling blackouts, physical church buildings minus 20th-century power seem highly probable. So? You may find yourselves worshipping as your forebears.

But why would God in His Wisdom and Sovereignty allow this? Could it be because the Church misused His recent gift of electricity? The astute Christian observer can think of many reasons why He would allow this.

The reasons stem from a simple cause-and-effect understanding. In many incremental ways the Church has grown dark, if you will, from causes with electricity as their source. Satan fell like lightning to the earth; but electrical lightning has fallen like Satan on the Church.

Let’s consider just a few.

  • * In Protestant churches, those which Catholics say contain “separated brethren,” a growing number contains very loud rock music which a.) drives away the older generation and b.) literally harms the physical ears of toddlers and children sitting in the music service.
  • * God will pull the plug. Out of Divine Love. This boisterous – indeed, injurious music for which ushers pass out ear plugs at the door, is not how He desires to be worshiped. The cure is unusually simple. He will eagerly pull the plug.
  • * To me, smoke machines during praise and worship services are – what can I say – far more representative of daily Hell than of a sunny Heaven with clear skies. They are ludicrous. These appeal to the natural man and were extracted from the secular non-Christian world, for an incremental takeover of the Church.
  • * God will pull the plug. Many “cutting-edge” churches, truly, waste tithe money on this electricity-dependent nonsense, when funding should be much better directed.
  • * Animated, moving “modern art” visuals behind singers and speakers, are erroneously believed to attract both congregational attendees and YouTube devotees. They distract from the Presence of the Holy Spirit. One is preoccupied with them rather than on higher thoughts.
  • * God will pull the plug. “New” is not always better. For decades, in North America, the commercial visual was emphasized over abstract thinking, contributing to the dumbing-down process for emotion over reasoning.
  • * Electricity powering church and pastoral computers is chronically misused. Already even years ago, church secretaries were discovering their pastors viewing Internet porn, in ways and for the de-Christianizing effects Satanic Marxism always intended for moral destruction, so Communism would reign.
  • * God will pull the plug. No need to have the forbidden fruit readily available on every tree in every global church garden. New is not always better. “Progressive” too often indicates progress to and for Hell. “The way forward is the way back.”
  • * Now that the majority of physicians showed themselves untrustworthy – profiteering from deadly eugenics COVID “vaccinations” and already $1.9 Billion from the transgender-surgery business – God will pull the plug on hospitals and medical services. This will include “Lights out” for the syncretistic Interfaith hospital chapels which include Chrislam and samesex “marriage” denominations and apostate clergy…

While working on my M.A. I was taught by a Yale statistician. He reiterated his emphasis that “There is Genius in Simplicity. The answers and solutions, to very profound problems, are often very simple ones.” God agrees with this. For the plethora and eerie kaleidoscope of demon-inspired incrementalisms, in the Church, guess what God in His Divine Wisdom will do….

God will pull the plug.

And rigidly-structured church presentations, on Soros-controlled YouTube, will no longer dominate over the variations on how the Holy Spirit may want to surprisingly act in each service. When YouTube is no longer an option, the Holy Spirit will be truly liberated to liberate! Restrictions on the Divine will be lifted!The Church will greatly Rejoice!

(NOTE: Old style gas pumps work without power, but the new digital ones require electricity. For those to experience fuel shortages, at least think about preparing for a cell group in your area. Within walking distance, or travel by bicycle or even horse and carriage. These are healthy alternatives, and you will no longer be tracked from the transponder on your electronic ignitions, or by your cell phone from which you are tracked within 2 feet.)


Cages include rigid denominationalisms, liturgical legalisms, unchallenged pastoral narratives, pastoral fears not of the Lord, unfounded elder antagonisms, prioritizing YouTube Live Stream structures… And, most of all, the indifference of True Christian Believers to releasing the Dove from His cage….

Restraining the Restrainer!

The Holy Spirit, like a Dove, remains as caged as the doves were, for sale, at the Temple before the Crucifixion.

It is the purpose of this discourse to discuss the cages.

As long as true Christians are upon the earth, the Holy Spirit residing within them is the Restrainer. Uncaged, if you will – loosened through the thoughts, words and actions of true Christians, to restrain evil and bring Glory to God – the Restrainer is no longer restrained.

This is Cage Number One. Today’s true believers, in these perilous times, just let the Restrainer remain restrained through indifference, unbelief, inactivity, and preoccupation with “more important matters.” Too, it seems Satan has an ongoing 24/7 demonic “Deist Squad,” working all shifts, to keep believers thinking “God is out there somewhere, but He’s not all that concerned.”

What? Are you believing this “polite lying” of demons? “Polite lying” designed to chronically restrain the Restrainer… And this in itself is needlessly making these perilous times more perilous! For crying out loud! Let the Restrainer out of the cage! You Are The Cage!

You let Him out through prayer, thought, word and deed. Using the Authority of Scripture to conquer a situation is letting Him out! Your will is the lock to the case and you need to will to let Him out!

Remember Dove soap? Millions of users have enjoyed it for decades. Dove soap. Used by millions for the cleansing and purification of the Temple of the Holy Spirit. That is, you and yours. But do you know why it worked so well? Why did it work so well? Because millions took it out of its wrapper!

You are the wrapper! Let the Dove soap, the Restrainer, out to do His cleansing process in there perilous times! No need to keep Dove soap stored, even in the most orderly conditions. When society needs a bath, let the Dove soap out of its wrapper. The wrapper is You!

Cage Number Two consists of all the clever – indeed, highly logical – ways that pastors keep the Holy Spirit “officially” restrained. But Logic 101 teaches that logic is not always truth. And here is where some of the more subtle forms of serious Apostasy come in. They include such pastoral attitudes as:

We welcome the prophetic in our congregation. We welcome the prophetic outlook.”

(Just not the active and overt Gifts of the Holy Spirit, including the Gifts of Prophecy or Tongues and Interpretation) God forbid He should be allowed in this manner! It is disruptive to the Soros-controlled Live Stream YouTube service every Sunday! YouTube order and presentation is the Highest consideration in our Sunday services!

Elders must first judge and minutely scrutinize any thought, word or deed before presented to a live congregation.” These almost always put the locks back on the cages.

They overlook their roles as servants and over-emphasize their authority, even getting drunk on their authority and exalted self importance. Too, they enjoy exceeding their self-proclaimed authority by triumphing with “logic” over the will of the pastor.

As G.K. Chesterton wrote, “Satan is always closest to the altar.” How true this is especially today! In one of our more subtle forms of present-day Apostasy, the elders “morally” restrain the Restrainer with their on-the-spot opinions. All the while many elders disagreeing with each other on what to do! But, clearly, it is not the roll of perilous-times elders to keep the Dove in His cage.

If a pastor disagrees with one anointed with a Gift of the Spirit, the latter is ordered to be inactive till meeting the pastor’s terms.” Satan loves this one. Often, it is a fear in the pastor, often a personal issue – not of the Lord – which must be addressed by the pastor, to the Lord, and dealt with. Reasons for disagreements are endless and can go on forever and Satan knows this. It provides endless fuel for keeping the Dove caged.

A pastor prays before his Sunday congregation, “Come, Holy Spirit! Have Your Way! Have Your Way in our church today,” and then does not allow the slightest “deviation” to the structured service (because it would look terrible on YouTube). Rather, it should not be seen as a “deviation” or “disorderly” but as God Himself

routinely adding His Order to the church service – which should always be a much Higher consideration over a written-in-stone YouTube order of presentation.

Apostasy and perilous times run hand in hand! One of the main reasons for these perilous times are these never-dealt-with, politely overlooked, more subtle forms of Apostasy. Strongly representing “logic” but not Truth. Rather, take the Dove soap out of its wrapper today and start cleaning and purifying society!

Too many are restraining the Holy Spirit by keeping Him in a cage!


For Five Decades you and yours have been systematically deprived of proper Citizenship Training! NOW is the time to
Get Caught Up!

The Duties and Responsibilities of Citizenship have nearly vanished from North America! This was carefully planned and didn’t just happen! Now is the time to Get Caught Up! The following pages from 1917 awaken every Patriot to proper mindsets for preserving Freedom! Even these few Patriotic pages sets one on the urgent course for preserving the Republic (a limited form of Democracy) and Canada’s intended True Democracy! Are you ready? Let’s Get Caught Up!

Please Read This Over and Over and Over Again until it is thoroughly Digested! As a Responsible Independent Citizen still able to Act, what are you doing about the evils in Today’s Society?


Public Libraries are Garbage Dumps

A socialist revolution has been underway in North American public libraries for decades. Marxist revolutions are often loud and boisterous! But thousands of public libraries were politely quiet and sedate, as their imposed pandemic grew to pathological proportions…

The profiteering plan was a simple one… The NEA and UNESCO simply needed to make sure, through liberal-controlled Marxist universities, that profiteering anti-Christian publishers would increase in dominance; through librarians indoctrinated to quietly impose the party line. No one would ever guess small town librarians were Columbia-university approved change agents.

As a result, North American public libraries are now garbage dumps.

Polluting impressionable minds of all ages, the once intellectual and healthy environments now pollute, pollute, pollute, pollute… The smoke of a decaying society thickens and rises. Its ambience is too often loud music and shouts, while stinted minds play computer games on library Pcs.

Millions of illegals now hang out in them. Many use library computers for dark communications and shady deals. A growing number of middle-class homeless now frequent these garbage dumps, attempting to sleep. Before these victimized Americans can email-communicate with a friend or relative, they wait for illegals to stop using computers.

Other homeless and jobless Americans do as C.S. Lewis once observed, “We read to know we’re not alone.” While illegals are united with their illegal families, US families continue to be pulled apart through stress, divorce, and suicide. Even in Marxified public libraries, too many victimized Americans are reading “fentanyl of the mind” trash in these profiteering dens unwitting US and Canadian citizens paid for…

American library garbage dumps quietly imposed Cancel Culture for decades. “You’ll not read a single worthwhile book and be happy.” It started when Bibles were quietly swapped out for New Age garbage. New Age and occult garbage strewn everywhere. Forbidden books of cults and occult, LGBTQ (do I dare dignify this with capital letters?), manuals for allowed “sex workers,” Luciferians Blavatsky, Hall, Crowley and Saul Alinsky now on pedestals (along with their clones) etc.

Democrat and “political class” book trash, as amoral politicians and publishers reap profits from endless lies. Transgenders holding innocent children on their knees, as they volunteer to read in the children’s area during story time. Social credit scores tabulated and stored in Cray computers regarding those who checked out conservative, nationalist, even remotely-Christian materials…

Years ago, I remember my shock when seeing rural people at an annual public library give away. They were hauling away boxes and boxes of America’s finest literature and writings. “What will you do with them?” I asked. “We use them for fuel during the winter and burn them…”

Revolution. Cancel Culture. Destruction of America.

But if I saw those same people today – hauling away New Age, cult and occult, Democrat political propaganda, LGBTQ, sick books for children, to be burned as winter fuel – I would embrace them and say, “God Bless You! God Bless You! You are cleaning up America! You are America’s heroes on the front lines!”

And then it would be their turn to be shocked…

“It’s one thing to burn books. It’s quite another for books to burn society!”



What are the greatest temptations for pastors today? To live in demoralization instead of a Powerful Holy Spirit Presence? To acquiesce to Marxist political correctness in order to “keep the peace?” To endlessly but politely slander and smear someone who a pastor fears may cause disunity? To deny the spiritual gifts in a Sunday service under the assumption new converts and new members may reject them?

What are the greatest temptations for pastors today? Most surely, they are very real temptations which don’t appear as temptations at all! Satan is too clever to make this appear as overt and frontal-assault temptations! Rather, they are battle logistics from hell, where a pastor finds it comfortable and convenient to exercise logic (which ultimately succeeds in minimizing and diminishing, if not eradicating, a Powerful Holy Spirit Presence from Sunday services).

But as we learn in Logic 101, “Logic is not truth.” Yes, logic of the natural man has occasion to be very, very good! At these times, it is a gift to mankind clearly manifested for good. But due to man’s fallen nature – “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” – logic can also be tainted and skewed and even well meaning, but still remain false and Deceitful and even dangerous. It can contradicts the very heart of the Divine Plan for a Sunday service!

It is especially important to point this out now, as there are abundant indications there will be one Great Holy Spirit Revival, before the age of the gentiles comes to an end. At that point, the task of evangelization will be turned over to the prophesied 144,000 Jewish evangelists! The final prophetic week in Daniel will be turned over to them. Until this soon-coming event happens, however, Satan and even recently unleashed demons are working, in every way, to thwart the Powerful Holy Spirit Presence intended for worldwide Revival!

So as a Pastor – and/or as one called from their “ammunition in storage” status, to be pro-active in this Revival – one must practice the Presence of God, especially when barraged with the cloud of demoralization. Or when tempted to give in to Marxist political correctness, to rather bind that spirit in Jesus’ Name and instead practice the Presence of God. And when tempted to smear someone for the sake of “church unity,” rather practice the Presence of God.

Right now, the Holy Spirit is being fought to the hilt, prevented and buffeted by demonic princes and principalities, from moving overtly forward in God’s Divine and highly-overt pre-Tribulation Spiritual Renewal! Pastors! Get ready for this by casting all your “possibilities of blindness” onto the Altar and beg God to Renew your mind for His Work! You’ll be glad you did!!!

Remember, compromises with liberalism and Chrislam and greed will only get you into trouble! Do not compromise your true Freedom for Security (which is at the very heart of the heinous and criminal spirit of the age). Churches become so liberal until they always fall apart and close their doors! But for you, there is no longer to be “liberty in licentiousness” but “Liberty and Freedom in the Holy Spirit!” Do not undertake “natural man” logic to rid you of your personal fears! Rebuke it! Climb Higher!

Climb Higher! It is For Your Preparation and Perfection as the Bride of Christ!