The Lost Tribes Return to Israel

A coin perhaps from 650 BC carried along the Bering Strait, into Alaska and Alberta, recently discovered in Edmonton AB Canada

Isaiah 11:12: “And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.” Here the Ten Tribes of outcasts are distinguished from the “dispersed of Judah.” That promise has never been fulfilled. But where are they? “That they will be found does not admit of any reasonable doubt,” assures Willson.

The ten lost tribes of Israel were carried away by Salmanasar, in the reign of Hezekiah, more than six hundred and fifty years before Christ.

While it is alleged Paleo-Indians entered North America via the Bering Strait in the Palaeolithic Age ending in 10,000 BC, we see the ten lost tribes of Israel would have crossed the Bering Strait in 650 BC, which was 350 years after the end of the Neolithic Age.

Willson continues, “The king of Assyria, in the sixth year of Hezekiah carried away Israel beyond the Caspian Sea.” II Kings 43:2: “And the king of Assyria did carry away Israel unto Assyria and put them in Halah and Habor, by the river Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes.”

The river of the Medes is Gihon, which enters the Caspian Sea on south, through ancient Media. There was no other way for the colony of Hebrews than toward the Bering Strait. That journey would have required one year and six months. Bering’s Strait is forty miles and is even now frozen over in winter, and much more would it be then.

Hebrew-named Mount Elias is 17,900 feet high at the north end of the Rocky Mountains and in north latitude sixty degrees. On the border of Alaska and the Yukon, it must have been named in remembrance of Elijah upon Mount Carmel. “Nothing would have been more natural than that these exiled Hebrews should have called it a name which they almost venerated,” writes Willson.

Going further south, through and then south of Alberta, the names of rivers are more clearly Hebrew:

“Great garden” is derived from “a God” and “gen garden.” “Ohio” is “Jehovah” pronounced without the points. The Pottowattamy Indians call the Mississippi “Mishapawaw” which is plainly derived from “Mesah” (Moses) and “Pawaw” (Father), which means “Father Moses, and we call it the Father of Waters.

The names of tribes and towns are clearly of Hebrew origin. (From “Ancient Antiquities,” The Ten Tribes of Israel by Timothy Jenkins, p. 13.)

So the above coin, or a curious precursor of coins, may be representative of the lost arts of the ten tribes of Israel, who passed through Alaska, Canada, and into the U.S. These may very well be the artistic seeds of exiled Israel, scattered along their journey through Alberta. On additional photos not depicted, Jonah and the fish appear as one depiction on a similar coin; perhaps as much in their consciousness as Mount Elias: named in remembrance of Elijah.

On more than one of these coins I discovered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – brought in with small rock from an Alberta quarry – we see a lit torch with fire. Light serves as the symbol of good and the beautiful and of all that is positive. The symbolism of light reaches even higher. Divine revelation is itself a revelation of light! The righteous people (tzadikim) in the Garden of Eden are said to “bask in the light of Shekhinah [the Divine presence],” and even G-d Himself is described as “my light and my salvation” (Psalms 27:1).

Considering the lit torches in these coins, the use of light as a symbolic expression – of the positive aspect of reality – is not limited to the realm of language. It is here realized in the creative use of light and lamps as concrete means of expression. These symbolize and point to an essence that contains holiness, in all its different appearances in reality: In the sanctity of place (in the Holy of Holies in the Temple), in the sanctity of time (on the Sabbath and Festivals) and in the sanctity and importance of events (on special occasions).

The period in which the First Temple stood in Jerusalem is known in academic literature as the First Temple period (c.1000–586 BCE). We see the ten lost tribes of Israel would have crossed the Bering Strait in 650 BC,

Were these ancient coins, which crossed the Bering Strait, associated in ay way with Solomon’s Temple? Or were they created along the arduous journey through Alberta, abundant in quarries then and now. One thing for sure: In the days ahead there will be eschatological -related surprises, as exiles who became American “Indians” will be returning home to meet their Messiah….

Silvery traces on many of these ancient coins

“Cashless Society” Has More Than One Meaning

The “Cashless Society” Has More Than One Meaning.

Now underway is a rapid descent to a draconian “cashless society.” Organized, systematic, socially engineered and contrived by a New World Order cabal currently unresisted.

But hear the clarion call! Cash is one’s final freedom! Like all freedoms we cherish, this freedom is not free! Indeed, there is a price to be paid for cash – even one’s life, in an upcoming Civil War George Soros and Chuck Schumer have planned for years…

The Communist NWO cabal doesn’t want you to have your final freedom. True to Communism, having achieved billionaire status – someday encyclopedias will be available on the acquisition of dark money – what they desire more of is Power.

What kind of Power? That’s an easy one. They lust for the Power to control you! And Soros has even paid militia “leadership” on a national level to confuse and make dysfunctional state and local militias. That is, if the militias keep falling for it.

“Cashless society” has more than one meaning. Its most popular one is the recall of coins and paper money – in an attempted global reset, underway as you read this – to leave us with debit, credit and Bitcoin with its 1500 imitators. Following this is the prophesied Mark of the Beast for hand or forehead, without which one be unable to buy, sell or travel. This will be advertised as “popular” and “trendy.”

Warning! A “cashless society” is also a “controlled Marxist society.” Marxism needs the false premise of evolution to survive. The meaning of a “controlled society” is currently escaping many – or there would be a powerful resistance to thwart this heinous epic. You are an animal trapped in a corner, to soon be subdued by the tranquilizer dart of an evil technocracy sworn to control.

And, of course, the tranquilizer dart is the infamous vaccination. A weapon of revolution to sterilize people and societies. It contains nano particle mechanisms to rid you of your final freedoms. Of course, not just the freedoms cash provides, but freedom to spend Eternity in Heaven. The Bible is very clear on this, as taking the mark is forever soul destroying.

At this point, well-meaning people may see, “You’re becoming preachy.” Yes. Even the most sincere of the anti-NWO secular are conditioned, behind the scenes, by UNESCO and an anti-Christian systematic dearth of civics books. The Bible isn’t just a book about being passively and fatalistically “nice” – but about resisting evil!

Fighting the NWO with secularism is like trying to nail Jello to a wall. This is exactly what they want as they know it won’t work. Blavatsky’s and Alinsky’s Luciferian socialist agenda can only be countered by Christian mindsets and values. Like it or not, prayer, dependence on and faith in Jesus Christ is the true antidote to counter this intensive Luciferian push…

Meanwhile, profiteering Marxist-globalist fake-Republican neocons, like Kissinger, want you to trade your freedoms for “security.” But really. What kind of security does a cashless society allow? It is the Luciferian globalists who realize security by annihilating your freedoms!

What kind of security would you have? Is there security in believing a cashless society will be secure: when its mechanisms can be destroyed by natural and manmade disasters? And when the imperialistic ChiCom Huawei 5G – COSCO-shipped towers and components – tied to ChiCom military intel, produce cancer, while essential to a seamless and wireless cashless society? The Bible itself shows the mark is tissue incompatible and the hand or forehead erupts into grievous sores after 5 months!

“Cashless society” tentacles are everywhere. All WalMart products have 8-cent tracking chips even in clothing and tires. Debit and credit card and nano-particle vaccination hand-and-forehead capabilities, in the absence of cash, see all purchases recorded through IBM tills and stored in windowless Iron Mountain data bases. Isn’t that nice? Courtesy of amoral big business. Amoral corporations on the de-populating bandwagon. Tracking and controlling you… If you let them.

Trading freedom for security. For their security. It is the anti-Constitutional globalists to feel secure – by tracking you and your every purchase, until your social credit score deteriorates, and you are now expendable “for the good of the cause.” You would trade your final freedoms to make them feel secure?

Not merely a trend for an advanced “progressive” tattoo, where the mark to be cashless – on hand or forehead – is seen as a higher evolutionary step for greater convenience. No. A cashless society is a controlled society. A cashless society is a soulless society. A cashless society is an enslaved society.

If, in all world history, there was ever a cause for war, it is this one: To defend life and liberty, individuals and homes and cultures, from the arrogantly-sophisticated removal of your final freedoms. We are witnessing the greatest cause for war ever! Yet the war is currently nowhere to be seen.

Mass Temperature Screening from Draconian Mobile Surveillance!

The Mayo Clinic website authoritatively informs:

A fever is a temporary increase in your body temperature, often due to an illness. Having a fever is a sign that something out of the ordinary is going on in your body.

For an adult, a fever may be uncomfortable, but usually isn’t a cause for concern unless it reaches 103 F (39.4 C) or higher. For infants and toddlers, a slightly elevated temperature may indicate a serious infection.

Fevers generally go away within a few days. A number of over-the-counter medications lower a fever, but sometimes it’s better left untreated. Fever seems to play a key role in helping your body fight off a number of infections.

There’s probably no cause for alarm if your child has a fever but is responsive — making eye contact with you and responding to your facial expressions and to your voice — and is drinking fluids and playing.

Fever or elevated body temperature might be caused by:

* A virus *A bacterial infection *Heat exhaustion *Certain inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis — inflammation of the lining of your joints (synovium) *A malignant tumor *Some medications, such as antibiotics and drugs used to treat high blood pressure or seizures *Some immunizations, such as the diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP) or pneumococcal vaccine

The bottom line is that a fever may stem from many, many sources, completely unrelated to COVID-19. Yet is one has a slight fever, it may be a “cause” for quarantine and/or non-admission into a building. When quarantine occurs for a fever, be assured corporate profits are boosted. This is part of the attempted heinous “global reset.”

The Mayo Clinic proclaims the fallacies of “Mass Temperature Screening” corporate opportunists!

So with all these daily multiple causes of raised temperatures, of what benefit are mercenary profiteering “Mass Temperature Screening” companies such as TempScout? Amoral companies such as TempScout are on the COVID-19 bandwagon as, once again, technology relegates moral concerns far behind in the dust…

TempScout propagandizes: “COVID-19 is forcing employers to move quickly to develop strategies for keeping employees safe. Temperature screening has been identified as a key tool in helping reduce viral spread…” Such a statement emerges from the glaring false premise that all fevers may be related to COVID-19. But the Mayo Clinic assures us otherwise.

Planning an out-of-control corporate agenda for routine 24/7 invasion of privacy and dehumanization – for example, refusal to visit seniors with needs if you have a temp – or needless 14-day quarantine allowing the COVID/industrial complex of tentacles to kick in – here is what is involved with such anti-Constitutional draconian companies:

Mass Screening: *Quick set up and deployment on-site *No-contact screening technology operated by highly trained technicians *Capable of screening 30 people per minute. *Can integrate multiple camera sites.

Stand-alone Screening: *Technicians use handheld scanners *Focused on the individual *Fast, flexible and accurate *Can be performed anywhere. (With the cashless-socety social-engineering side benefit of conditioning the masses to accept scanning on the forehead, to buy or sell in a cashless environment. Cancer-producing and immunity-lowering 5G is required for this cashless society for the masses, as are the heinous Gates’ sterilizing and nano vaccinations. Never take a vaccination from a eugenicist.)

Revelation 13:16-17: “And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” The ever-increasing, ever-imposed use of handheld scanners is conditioning the masses to be familiarized with routine forehead scanning, for easy, routine compliance of forehead scanning when buying or selling with the mark, which Scripture condemns.

As of August 2020, Canada’s Marxist WHO conflict-of-interest “Dr.” Tam warned lock downs could continue another two years. What incredible heinous profits this will allow the invasion-of-privacy profiteering amoral companies like TempScout! Big business, big investments, big money, big corruption, won’t let “a good crisis go to waste” and keep it going as long as manipulatively feasible. The only bulwark against this is for Christians worldwide to allow the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit to do His work in opposition!

Who knows more about fevers? Mayo Clinic or profiteering TempScout?
Demonstrate Your Church Remnant Power!

UNESCO Complicit with WHO to Overthrow America!

President Donald Trump defunded the notorious WHO (World Health Organization). But he has yet to defund the WHO-complicit UNESCO.

The unprecedented chaos and mayhem destroying America, as you read this, is the peak result of WHO-complicit UNESCO world government agenda.

Millions of Americans have been puzzled over the whys and origins of American teens and young adults loyal to anarchy.

The quiet socialist invasion force of Che Guevara-imitating illegals – now 61 million plus – is comprehensible. But joined by America’s own? Why?

The answer till now has been elusive. But now you can take a good look. The repulsive dark-revolutionary source is found in the Obama, Soros, Kissinger, Clinton backed United Nations:

Millions of America’s hard-earned taxes and unwitting efforts went to funding this heinous UNESCO agenda. Regardless of being too late, the draconian, seditious and subversive youth-destroying UNESCO must be defunded and dismantled immediately!

WHO-Complicit UNESCO Sources:

An Open Letter to Michael Voris

“Managementby-Crisis” the tactic to implement immediately! Catholic Laity will now manage the crisis created by Marxism to save western civilization! Begin!

Urgently needed now are such pamphlets and brochures to inform, lead, guide and direct Catholic leadership Laity in all 50 states of America and all provinces of Canada! Let us prayerfully begin!

The Artwork of God! A Divine Response to Nantes Cathedral!

A Divine Response to Nantes Cathedral! The Artwork of God!

Aflame with zeal, aflame with love,
Aflame with fire from the sky!
Ephemeral as a resting dove,
A call to Pentecost stops by!
Commemorating the first day,
The upper room with tongues of fire,
Empowering those who stayed to pray
As Holy Spirit took them higher!
Terror tries to mock and counterfeit
This Master Handiwork of God!
Committing crimes, terror torched and hit,
With earthly fires of demons flawed:
Destructive flames their final fate!
While Ardor harbors to Create….

Photo of Catholic Church and poem above by Stephen Volk, whose poetry talent was Blessed by Pope Benedict XVI

Marxist Revolutionary “Pope” or Popes Leo XIII, Pius X and Pius XI

While Pope Francis should be building on vital economic groundwork – set forth by Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius XI – he is, rather, viciously and destructively opposing it!

In 1912 Austria, anti-Christian socialists destroyed the excellent pilot program of Pope Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum, the “Magna Carta for the Working Man” activated by Pope Pius X.

But a young Catholic priest witnessed, firsthand, the successes of this papal economic policy in Austria.

He was enthused and excited by it! His name was Father Michael Gallagher.

An activist himself, he soon became Bishop Michael Gallagher. A young priest was sent to Royal Oaks, Michigan, and Bishop Gallagher mentored him in Rerum Novarum.

The young priest’s name was Father Charles Coughlin. He was brilliant! He was feisty! He popularized Rerum Novarum. In U.S. popularity, he was second only to FDR!

Forty years after Father Coughlin’s death, MSM fake news still fears him today! Even then, the Trotsky-sympathizing New York Times slandered him more than they do Trump today!

And yet, even hundreds of notable American Jews boldly went on record, in Coughlin’s weekly newspaper, proclaiming the New York Times and the Marxist “American Jewish Committee” did not speak for them! The battle was on…

Under the control of a heinous American-Marxist-socialist cabal, FDR till 1932 used Father Coughlin to get votes and then betrayed him. This made Coughlin more determined than ever to popularize the truth and economic salvation of Rerum Novarum!

With over 40 million followers giving an average 25 cents per week, in the worst times of the Great Depression, Father Coughlin still, unsolicitedly, brought in up to $10 million weekly! For the Body of Christ, he reinvested much of this in silver, knowing silver (unlike gold) was too plentiful for internationalists to dominate.

When 65 families in his parish were out of work, Father Coughlin used these funds, in part, to employ them. “We didn’t really need a shrine,” he later revealed, “but did want to support these families.”

Pope Pius XI soon got on board and internationally reiterated the economic message of Rerum Novarum in his encyclical Quadragesimo Anno. Though the Vatican Sec of State worked against this, all went well till the death of Pope Pius XI.

Today, Marxist Liberation-Theology and socialist Deep State cabal-promoting “Pope” Francis, is going full force to counter Pope Leo XIII, Pope Pius X, Pope Pius XI, Bishop Michael Gallagher, Father Charles Coughlin and Hillaire Belloc.

Francis is not only not a successor to their work but, as a revolutionary, counters them! Just as the socialists n 1912 Austria, who destroyed the excellent pilot program of Pope Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum, “Pope” Francis goes forward unrestrained in his scripted Marxist and Masonic agenda…

Unlike the Great Depression peaking 25 million unemployed Americans, over 40 million Americans are now unemployed – but the massive economic devastation has yet to start! And it can only be delayed four more years with the re-election of President Donald Trump.

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