The Reminder

Sonnet for Victory!

This morning, passing by a darkened church at Dawn, one could easily feel it begging poetry and photo art!

Of course, the “wintry captive” with inner darkness is a metaphor for the locked physical church and its momentary state of apostasy, heresy and dysfunctionality.

So I reflected on the sun’s first reflections, and the following is the simple, positive result in this sonnet for victory….

The Reminder for the Saints

A sure and steady Light to ever glow,

A fresh reminder from His Faithful dawn!

His pure and timeless Light will always flow,

Though Light inside is momentarily gone…

A wintry captive, for a season, tests

The Faithful to endure to make it warm!

As pure and timeless Light will always rest

On souls with charm who keep the weak from harm…

As sure and steady Light will ever glow,

A fresh reminder from His Faithful dawn,

His pure and timeless Light will always flow,

Though Light inside is momentarily gone…

  As Truth through His creation is revealed,

  His sun burns bright, as darkness has to yield….

As the sympathetic reader will understand, it was not pretentious or overstating to entitle this “The Reminder.”  The glorious message through creation, at this time, was all encompassing!  As a myriad of reminders from the Holy Spirit often are….

A welcome message for the Church today!

The Liberation Theology Takeover of “Pope” Francis

A Liberation Theology Takeover
of the John Paul II Institute
Stephen Volk

A Liberation Theology revolution has suddenly occurred in the John Paul II Institute in Rome. It is an actual Marxist Liberation Theology revolution! In Revolution in the Revolution? by Regis Debray, we see necessary for such a revolution is “To free the present from the past,” as discussed in Segment One.

This is exactly what suddenly occurred in the John Paul II Institute.

Marx’s lurid flames of rebellion are spreading through the Vatican! Flames jumping, in part, to leave behind former ways and former models of pastoral ways and pastoral missions. Former ways. “To free the past from the present” by heinous Marxist definition.

In terms of Marxist strategy, a type of religious guerrilla warfare proceeds to a war of maneuver and then to attacks on fortified positions. The fortified position is the John Paul II Institute with those professors and students dedicated to John Paul’s Humanae Vitae.

Religious guerrilla warfare? What else could one call it. When the founding president of the John Paul II Institute died and before he was buried, Pope Francis issued a personal document to get rid of the institute.

Will the Liberation Theology ilk retain full control of the Institute when it opens in October? Or will leadership prayerfully spring forth to counter this heinous ideological invasion? Will time be allowed for Liberation Theology to spread to its affiliated campuses around the world?
Malachi Martin knew “The spread of liberation theology is deadly for Catholic faith and dogma.”
Already the changes to the substance of the overrun John Paul II Institute reveal this.

Martin added, “Liberation Theology was (is)) a perfectly faithful exercise of Gramsci’s principles. It could (can) be launched with the corruption of a relatively few well-placed Judas goats. Yet it could be (is) aimed at the culture and the mentality of the masses. It stripped (strips) both of any attachment to the Christian transcendent.

“Swiftly, the linchpins of Vatican and papal control were replaced by the action-oriented demands of the new theology. The most powerful religious orders of the Roman Church – Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans, Maryknollers – all committed themselves to Liberatiion Theology.

“In Rome and in the worldwide field of their apostolates, the policies and the actions of these religious orders became the lifeblood of the rising colossus of Liberation Theology.”

Note how the Jesuits are at the top of Martin’s list.

As a result of Liberation Theology, “Traditional principles of education collapsed in Catholic schools, from primary through university levels.” Indeed, Pope Benedict XVI stated 50% in America may be irretrievable. Father Groeschel published a guidebook to the remaining excellent schools. But now the Marxists have collapsed the John Paul II Institute!

“The refusal of Western bishops to insist on obedience of the faithful to Church laws about divorce, abortion, contraception and homosexuality became the norm, not the exception.” And so it is with Liberation Theology Pope Francis! And so it is now with the Marxist revolutionary takeover of the John Paul II Institute.

”Everywhere, in fact,” Martin reveals, “there was a massive lethal thrust, on Antonio Gramsci’s terms, at the Catholic and Christian culture of the West nations.” Indeed, Michael Voris has exposed Gramsci very commendably!

“If John Paul had hoped that in his five papal trips to Latin America, he could put a dent in the
allegiance of his clergy there to Liberation Theology, or that he could recall his bishops and his
religious orders in the region to their vows of obedience, he was disappointed in these hopes.”

From this Liberation Theology environment emerged Pope Francis. Malachi Martin goes on to say that John Paul’s greatest headache among the people of Latin America was “the success of Soviet agencies in developing and popularizing the deceitful Gramscian penetration of Christian doctrine with Marxist Liberation Theology.”

Liberation Theology proclaimed “liberty” to the exploited masses of Latin America. Its spirit gradually spread across the Western world, and now into the very heart of the Vatican to take over the John Paul II Institute.

Speaking to his Liberation Theology clergy at Puebla, Mexico, in January, 1979, Pope John Paul II said, in effect, you cannot free others until you first shake off your own self-imposed shackles of an alien ideology! And when you do, you will see that genuine liberation springs only from the Truth of God!

But instead, in dramatic revolutionary defiance, the vital moral substance of the John Paul II Institute has been “shaken off” and the institute infiltrated and besieged…

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legacy.” LifeSiteNews Interview.
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Overcoming Tyranny

The timeless adage that “There is strength in numbers” remains ever true! This is why revolutionary and subversive forces, like a cancer, work tirelessly to impose their “Divide and Conquer” agenda. They know “There is strength in numbers” and are obsessed with wanting those numbers to ever dwindle…

But history, usually hidden history, is replete with successful victories over the “Divide and Conquer” agenda. For example:

Few people have heard of the Palestine Regiment, a unit in which Jew and Muslim fought side by side against Hitler’s Afrika Korps in Libya.

An equally effective surprise, today, will be conservative Catholics and conservatives Protestants fighting, side by side, against leftists and liberal communist globalism.

(Note there are Jews like Edith Stein who are conservative Catholics, Jews like Richard Wurmbrand who are conservative Protestants, and Jews like Soros who are communist globalists.)

The name of the game is stopping “Divide and Conquer” in its tracks. This is done in the “Unify to Conquer” movement in Church Remnant Power!

We agree on the basics of Christianity and move ahead as the bulwark against the anti-Christian and anti-Constitutional enemies of our souls.

Here’s another example: The German-influenced Vichy government of France announced that it had prepared 200,000 yellow stars for the Jews of Morocco.

But the Arab King of Morocco, Mohammed v, replied that he would need fifty more for himself and other members of his royal family. He refused to make any distinction between his Muslim and Jewish citizens.

We need such leadership today to unite conservative Catholics and Protestants, unifying to conquer for very real and life-saving Church Remnant Power!

But beware! Freemasonry is a Satanic counterfeit of such unity. The heinous organization is syncretistic and advances liberalism! (See its official and proprietary 32nd Degree Readings and its chapter on allowable pedophilia. This is ultimately to control Masonic politicians, worldwide, to do their will lest they be exposed in the Mason-controlled MSM media.)

(While liberalized Protestants have been seduced by Masonry for many decades, the Catholic clergy began Masonic membership in 1974.)

So let us prayerfully organize and “Unify to Conquer” for good! There is no other way. Pray for knowledge and wisdom how this may start with you, both for one-to-one and organizational strategies.

What is the ideal strategy? Anglican C.S. Lewis, assisted by his Catholic priest secretary, Walter Hooper, published that what dictators fear most are “groups of three and four.” Dictators fear them because they cannot be infiltrated. Let other “groups of three and four” exponentially grow from these!

These will usually consist of long-time trusted friends, who have never worked for FEMA…

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

The Way Forward is the Way Back!

Demonstrate your Church Remnant Power!
“Greater is He that is in You!”

The way forward is the way back!  Sound a little strange?  But it’s true.  The way forward is the way back!

Church remnant power rests in the fact that the goal of today’s unified church remnant is going back to the basics of Christianity.  Church remnant power is not a new denomination but a movement.  As we go back we move forward. 

In this way we “Unify to Conquer” as a growing bulwark against “Divide and Conquer” schemes and manipulations – which have almost done us in.  Truly, the “gates of hell shall not prevail” is as fresh and new and true as the extravagant victory of the Norman Conquest…

Let’s begin with an awareness of where the Church ceased to go forward by incrementally ceasing to look back.  Until Francis Bacon, centuries and centuries of Christians “looked back” to the Church Fathers (many of whom knew the Apostles) for guidance, knowledge and wisdom.

The anti-Christian fake news historical revisionists tagged the Dark Ages as dark.  But they weren’t!  Throughout this time, a phenomenal growth of schools, hospitals and churches (for which the builders received wages) came about!  This era was only “dark” to those who hated Christianity. 

And then, arriving on the historical timeline, the occultist Francis Bacon. A historical demarcation line, from his propaganda people began to “look forward,” under the strong illusion they were progressing to a utopian New Atlantis in the future.  More and more, “looking back” to true Christianity and truth faded and dimmed, as the “progressive” spirit of the age grew mighty and strong, in its sweeping though lying narrative…

(By the way, Jeffrey Epstein continued the philosophy of Bacon – especially with sexual perversion and “a secret island,” but this is outside the scope of this essay and will conveniently appear later.)

(The occultist Francis Bacon was given the King James version to “edit” for a year in 1612.  My recommendation is for the just-preceding Douay-Rheims Bible, which the King James translators “drew upon quite heavily” to produce the KJV.  This is my strong recommendation but in no way prerequisite as a Christian “basic” in our Church Remnant Power movement!)

It is easy to see America is “progressing to hell.” Rapidly. Technology run amok left moral considerations in the dust long ago! It is feverishly “progressing” to something but not to Francis Bacon’s delusional utopia. With endless surveillance technologies, AI, you name it, it all boils down to this. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (Saul Alinsky’s Luciferian role model) crafted her writings – “The Secret Doctrine” and “Isis Unveiled” – through the automatic handwriting given by demons. In this writing, it was revealed the oldest language on earth was not of human origin but of fallen spirits. Blavatsky called it the “mystery language.” It consists solely in combinations of Os and 1s. Sound familiar? Guess who will be running artificial intelligence.

As Church Remnant Power now uniting to conquer, we are to “slay the spirit of the age” and, in our day, seriously examine our priorities. Better now than soon in a FEMA camp. Let us urgently focus on overcoming the “progressive” spirit of the age of Soros-funded Communism in America!  Church Remnant Power united in the basics of Christianity will conquer!

Let’s face it.  It took decades – indeed, centuries – to become doctrinally and liturgically divided to this extent.  So it won’t be repaired overnight.  But for the sake of the very survival of the true Church today, we must quickly unite as a movement (not as a denomination) and conquer the known enemies of all Christians who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

The way forward is the way back.  What comes to mind is driving, one night, through a snowy blizzard on an icy Wyoming interstate.  I had dangerously fallen asleep, only to awaken to see the semi, just ahead of me, was swerving from side to side, ready to crash at any moment.  I urgently and vigorously laid on the horn to wake up the driver, who’d fallen asleep like I had!

And now, through the urgent propagation of Church Remnant Power, am “laying on the horn” again!  Wake up!  Everything is ready to crash!  The way forward is the way back!  The way back from a dangerous sleep to Christian Patriotic consciousness!  Unify now against “Divide and Conquer” and don’t let things crash! 

Demonstrate Your Church Remnant Power!
“Greater is He that is in you!”

Salt of the Earth?

Demonstrate your Church Remnant Power!
“Greater is He that is in You!”

Salt of the Earth?

Is 21st century Christian saltiness losing its flavor? A healthy society needs salt in its diet!

Where is the effective resistance and countering to overt Satanism in society today?

The following exclusive video was captured this week. It reveals a shocking dearth of the salt of the earth. Demons were gleeful and ambitious throughout the profusion of psychics, Satanic and occult plays, with over-the-top hype of ghosts and the bizarre!

As society is seen here burning down, one was tempted to jump atop a park bench and yell, “Is there a Christian in the house?”

Ghost characters appeared to be glorified and friendly in every other stage play. A wide range of ghosts from Carl Jung to one walking a California beach… Clearly, added to the culture of death are the intensifying secular arts extolling the occult and eerie…

When Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth,” what did He mean? What did He really mean? In those days, salt was the most precious commodity. Salt was the real reason the Romans wanted Israel, as salt packets were a medium of exchange. It was Valuable.

Are you Valuable? Are you the Most Precious Commodity? You are because you ARE the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Without you, society – indeed, western civilization – is no longer preserved. It decays, it deteriorates, because of your daily sin of omission. Are you capable of repenting of this sin? Are you capable of actually doing something? Absolutely! “With God, one is a Majority!”

Demonstrating the Church Remnant Power!
“Greater is He that is in you!”

“Unify and Conquer” to Replace “Divide and Conquer”

Demonstrate Your Church Remnant Power!
“Greater is He that is in You!”

History has never witnessed such a Divide-and-Conquer plan as the one designed to conquer the 21st century Church. In a spiritual desert, North American Christian nomads are wandering, church to church, denomination to denomination, home to home, YouTube channel to YouTube channel. The thirst for real Truth and higher Christian purpose, lifestyle and unity, is satisfied by oasis wells few and far between.

The true Church is in a time of urgent crisis.

It’s easy to Divide and Conquer. Divide and Conquer is based on lies, sordid manipulations, slander, destruction. It takes more patience and skill to Unify and Conquer. This is the purpose of this blog. Not to unify in world-religion ecumenism or syncretism necessary to precede world government. (Syncretism which God always judged in Israel). And definitely not to unify New Age cults, sects and occult groups. These have their own loosely-unifying networks.

But to be bipartisan in ways the Holy Spirit wants you to be bipartisan! Sound strange? It’s not. The conversion of Constantine I was said to have not been immediate but incremental. The Holy Spirit has His own incremental process for each individual, to return the epic fragmentation of true believers to genuine and authentic unity in His Perfect Will. The Divine program is now active in both individual and collective hearts!

How is this to be accomplished? First of all, we have to be open to what He is saying to each one of us every day. Open your ears in the morning! Let Catholics and Protestants come together to pray for common enemies, common problems, common dilemmas, common enigmas. In coming together, one will find Protestants who are former Catholics, and Catholics who are former Protestants. Their mutual foundation is the virgin birth, the death of the Sacrificial Lamb, forgiveness of sins, resurrection, ascension, and the Second Coming.

What do we start praying about first, in this embryonic state of renewed unity? Let’s start with the common enemy of Freemasonry. This syncretistic world-govt. forcing group has infiltrated Catholicism and Protestantism. Since 1967 the papal role of ruling on faith and morals has been subjugated to implementing Masonic world-govt. Agendas. Dutiful Catholics and Protestants need to diligently pray for its dismantling locally and globally.

In the days ahead this blog, Church Remnant Power, will urgently proffer more vital and urgent prayer topics. So stay tuned! Never has there been such division! But now let it be said of us that never has there been such unifying!

And Church Remnant Power very, very strongly urges Catholics and Protestants to subscribe on YouTube to Michael Voris’s Church Militant and Dr. Taylor Marshall’s daily program. These two witnesses are like the Peter & Paul of the 21st century! Church Remnant Power is exemplified by them!

Former and lapsed Catholics and Protestants would do well to take to heart their daily definitions! And here’s a tip. If you don’t start unifying in His way now to defeat the enemy, to Unify and Conquer, voluntarily, you’ll still get another chance in a FEMA camp. It is simply a matter of choice.

Demonstrate Your Church Remnant Power!
“Greater is He that is in You!”